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Monday, February 8, 2010

खत्म होता पानी


तरुण विजय


G said...

We are entering a dangerous phase where Macaulayists are gaining in strength in India. So far the Sangh only said nice things about matru bhasha but it did not go beyond talk. Now is the time to take a stand on the primacy of Marathi in Maharashtra and Assamese in Assam and Malayalam in Kerala.

A Bengali in Pune may or may not learn Marathi but his children have to. They belong to Pune. They should call themselves Maharashtrians when they grow up. Lack of clarity on this issue is blocking the implementation of Common Schooling. Let us start from primary schools (with English taught as a subject).

Let us erase this class system created by a foreign language. Let us talk less, agitate less but work more to free ourselves from the stanglehold of Macaulay (without demonizing English like we did in the past).

G said...

Facts don't lie:

China filed 7,946 patent applications last year, compared to 761 by India.

English medium education made us a nation of imitators. No original thinking.

G said...

In the first Gulf War - Saddam Hussein lost miserably to NATO forces. It was the 'mother of retreats'. Why? What is the difference? The Americans have internal checks and balances everywhere. Everyone from President to the Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff is answerable. Unlike Saddam's regime where discipline buries internal faults.

We should all learn from this. No person becomes great without introspection. And no organization can remain strong without internal checks and balances. This applies to RSS too. Discipline should not mask our faults.

Let us be answerable. Let us ask ourselves what we learned from our failure to dismantle Macaulay system. Let us then ask ourselves how we are going to apply these lessons and chart a new roadmap to uproot this Macaulay system. Let us introspect. Do we want to blame someone and be content? Or do we want to succeed?

Let us learn from Saddam's defeat. Discipline is different from timidity. Hiding this comment for a few days maybe good for discipline but it will not make us strong.