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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dancing with the traitors

Those who should have been hanged by the lampposts at Srinagar's Lal Chowk by a patriotic govt. with a spine are being entertained by the Indian govt. as peace fighters and by Pakistan govt. as their own ambassadors. They are traitors, in pure and simple language, who have been overfed on Indian public's money and protected by patriotic Indian Jawans. Yet, they mock at us, demand secession in public statements, refuse to meet our Prime Minister before meeting Pakistani President, express all the gratitude to a rabid anti-Indian Paki minister Abdul Rashid for providing help to train 1500 cowards, they call Mujahideens, who are perfectly equipped to kill innocent children, rape women and blast residential areas in the thick of night. That's the proof of their 'bravery' and 'devotion' to the Islamic cause.

Yet, look at the 'peacemaker' press, all of it is applauded as another step in the direction of peace with Pakistan. When these rabidly anti-Indian imposters crossed Aman bridge, almost all the channels, including Doordarshan showed a clipping of a strange 'United States of Kashmir' flag, painted on a board. But surprisingly there was no comment by any correspondent so much engrossed in depicting the 'historic' scene from that fateful bridge.

It seems a section of the Indian media and politics would be please to see Kashmir turned into an independent country and as things stand today, we are moving in that direction with full support from various political groups. Alrady western magazines depict Kashmir an independent nation, and last time when I was in the central press accreditation committee, I raised an objection that those correspondents who depict Kashmir s a separate country should not be accredited by the central govt. But secular press derided the proposals as an assault on the press freedom and the previous govt. overruled my objection. We just don't feel hurt anymore if magazines describe an integral part of our nation openly as independent sovereign land, so where from shall we derive a passion to fight for it?

Important people in the power corridor have already started talking,'what more is left for us in Kashmir? Its only the army and the moment we withdraw it, its gone.' This fatalist and defeatist attitude led previous foreign minister to escort a dreaded terrorist to Kandahar and again the so-called peace initiatives indicate another part of India falling apart under foreign pressure. It may take another five years to complete the process through a 'slow poisoning' route called nimble footed strategy, which creates an atmosphere where people are sick of day to day massacres, trapped into a peace –offensive which stops them to name the real culprit openly as it talks only of Mohabbat, diverts attention from the original sources of hate and then finally in a fog of disillusionment and hopelessness, gives up to buy peace-a la 1947.

That's the biggest achievement for President Parvez Musharraf. Even after the gruesome Pulwama massacre of children, there was no fingers pointing to Pakistan, no global condemnation of the incident, the final reservoir of nationalism, BJP too was muffled in its protest as if some UFO had done it with no calls for a Jammu or Delhi band and Parvez was happily on to his another foreign jaunt rubbing nose with New Zealand's tribal leaders. That's quite a show indeed.

Withnthe present secular illusions and nationalist disillusionment, two new countries are seen as being carved out of the contemporary truncated Indian map, which even otherwise shows a false territory (without telling the viewer that Gilgit and Aksai Chin are in the foreign control which we don't intend to take back). These two territories, as envisaged by western 'friends' are Kashmir and Nagalim, a greater Nagaland , which stands for Christ under the leadership of Naga church and Isaac - Muivah faction of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland. The leaders began their peace talk during the last regime and have been further enthused with the present government. They are more than hopeful that a greater Nagalim would be accepted, first in principle then in implementation before long.

So all eyes are now focused on how Kasmir 'peace' talks progress and Siachin is turned into a 'Mountain of Peace'. So far secessionist movements are receiving greater success than they had envisaged. Barbaric butchers of Kashmir are provided all the help from the state, they are facilitated to go to Pakistan to further get a boost, Naga secessionists are also entertained by the Prime Minister without any pre-conditions to talk within the India constitutional frame work, ULFA men are not even 'captured' from the capital of a neighboring Lilliputian country and fashionable authors try to get a bit of headlines by talking on their behalf for 'peace'. So who would stop opportunity grabbers to raise a demand for Tamil Elam, demanding a United Tamil Land with the 'fraternal' Tigers and then each former princely state can have its own flag and try to follow Kashmir model! Have gun, wage a 'war' on the state with help from a sympathetic neighbour not interested in India's growth, a little patience, that's it. All the state money and security personnel would be provided to you for your safety and the success of peaceful solution to the 'problem' that the very same state had refused to even recognize initially.

So its not just the family members of jawans who laid their lives defending the country are sometimes invited to dine with Delhi Sultans, next time you see an invite, be ready to welcome even a traitor at the dining table. For the sake of peace of course. Ends.

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