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Sunday, November 9, 2014

My Jansatta column- pains, the torture of loneliness and the real message of Akshar Dham


SP RAJ Sivakasi said...

My name is S.P.RAJ. I am an artist, social reform activist and an inventor. I have read your articles and interviews about your love for tamil language, the need to learn in one's mother tongue, as well as your call for everyone to learn another language apart from their regional language.

I felt that the MAIN BARRIER in learning another language is the fact that You need to learn a NEW SCRIPT / alphabets to read such language. It is also a FACT that majority of 12 crore tribals in India CAN ONLY SPEAK in their language since they DO NOT have any written script to read and write in their mother tongue.

I have imvented and implemented an INTEGRATED ALPHABET TEXT common for ALL WORLD LANGUAGES. I have implemented my invention - thru the Govt of Tamilnadu - to prepare written script for SIX PTGs in Nilgiris, Tamilnadu.

I have instructed my co-ordinator to try and meet you during your visit to chennai on 11th november 2014. I am sending some details about my work to your email id -

My co-ordinator's name is Krishnan. His mobiie number is (0)90945 35655. If possible, pls send ur contact num and any other email id to his number. Hoping to meet you soon, to unite all Indian languages and all Indians under one common script.

With warm regards,

S.P.RAJ, Sivakasi, Tamilnadu.

Mahe said...

Respected Shri.Tarun Vijay,

We like your articles and views / opinions on different issues / topics.

Could you please post your articles in English as well for non-Hindi speaking population like us.

Mahendiran D.

Vijay said...

Core BJP support base is aggravated at M Parrikar's actions today... please listen

Athithi said...

What visitors have to go through to get India visa

Please spend some time and read their experiences. You will feel like crying.

Athithi said...

Every year, there are thousands of people who have to go through this pain:

Visa backlog, lost passports, pathetic customer service at Cox & Kings Global Services leaves India travelers from the US in bureaucratic mess

Why can't we learn from other countries?

Athithi said...

Our Indian service:

they asked me to stand outside with 2 months infant for 4 hours