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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Homage paid to the victims of Kedarnath tragedy - unbearable memories, heart wrenching agony.

Lighting the lamp before the portrait of martyr's memorial , Pujya Swami ji, Shri Tarun Vijay, Shri Tirath Singh Rawat, Shri Laxmi Prasad Jaiswal and Smt Neelam Sahgal.

On dias L to R-Shri S.P. Kochar, Shri L.P Jaiswal( RSS Prant Karyavah, Pujya Swami ji, Ramakrishna Mission, Shri Tarun Vijay, MP, Uttarakhand, Shri Tirath Singh Rawat, President, State BJP, Smt Neelam Sahgal, Shri Rakesh Oberai, ( CII) Dr Farook, ( CII)

Homage paid to the victims of Kedarnath tragedy on the first Barsi, 16th June at Dehradun

RSS reached first to provide help, first to start rehabilitation- RSS state secy (karyavah) Jaiswal

"We demand a white paper on the Kedarnath tragedy and the relief work undertaken by govt.' Demands Uttarakhand MP Tarun Vijay 

Work done by RSS, Gayatri Pariwar, Swaminarayan, Baba Ramdev and common people salutary. We are for ever indebted to our security forces and Jawans, from Army, IAF, ITBP, IDRF, police for providing help at the cost of their lives--Tarun Vijay

Shri Tirath Singh Rawat blasted the insensitiveness of the Cong govt

In a  homage and remembrance meet at Dehradun,  organized by BJP MP Shri Tarun Vijay, tearful tributes were paid to the Kedarnath victims and the martyrs from the Forces. 

State BJP President Shri Tirath Singh Rawat, State RSS Secy( karyavah) Shri Laxmi Prasad Jaiswal, Dehradun Mahanagar BJP President Smt Neelam Sahgal, State Rashtra Sewika Samiti jt secy Smt Anjali Verma,  Ven Swami ji of the local Ramakrishna Mission, veteran social activists Shri Rakesh Oberai and Dr Farook paid homage to the Kedarnath tragedy victims. 

The sacrifices of the soldiers and security forces, from army, IAF, IDRF, Police , ITBP in protecting the lives of the pilgrims was remembered and their heroic deeds were saluted. A large number of participants from all walks of life had gathered who lit candles at the end of the program me in the memory of the dead.

RSS state Secy informed that more than 200 children of the disaster affected areas are being provided education and hostel facilities. Besides several knew projects like computer centers, medical relief centers, and hospitals have been undertaken in the upper hill areas . Shri Tarun Vijay said that he has undertaken help and education for 100 disaster-affected children.

some pics from the last year's Kedarnath album.... tragedy and relief efforts

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Arun said...

Commendable involvement, Sir.

Regarding Bullet trains, only a small elite section will benefit from it. NDA seems to be repeating the India Shining mistake.

There are less costly alternatives to Bullet trains -- instead of 300+ KMPH, these semi-highspeed rail corridors run at 200KMPH, but the cost to build and maintain is much lesser.

Ignoring the aam aadmi can prove costly for the party.