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Friday, November 8, 2013

A Prince disregarded in his homeland, gets a royal welcome in an Indian democratic state-Charles didn't show remorse for the British atrocities, we overdid the welcome

7th Nov 2013- Dehradun- Welcome we must, but with Prince charles we overdid it-said Member of Parliament from Uttarakhand Tarun Vijay. The way Chakrata Road was blocked for almost an hour, near IMA which is the main artery connecting city with other states, and thousands of citizens were put in great inconvenience is reminder of the old colonial days, Tarun Vijay said. He said that Prince Charles is a guest from no ordinary country-he  represents a regime that subjugated our nation through deceit and cunningness, killed three million Indians in a man made famine in Bengal, made the people of Himalayan region, including ours to unspeakable torture,violated all norms of law and decency while looting our wealth to enrich British empire. If the visiting Prince had any sensitivity towards us, he would have expressed regrets for all those atrocities. But we overdid even while welcoming him, and in a disaster affected  state, grand and gala parties in his honor smacked of a slave mentality. 

Prince Charles was taken to only those places which were built during the colonial period, not a single place was he taken which would have shown him post-independence development. Uttarakhand govt pusillanimously presented him a picture of King George the Vth , of the occasion when he had visited Mussourie, as if that was an honorable event for Indians!!

The British should have returned us our wealth of books anfd manuscripts they had taken away to london illegally and unlawfully, Tarun Vijay said.

As a public representative of this great state of warriors and freedom fighters, I feel anguished and pained at this brazen display of unwarranted enthusiasm for a British Prince which caused a lot of inconvenience to local citizens too.

Justifiably so, the BJP distanced itself from the lavish dinner hosted in honor of the visiting Prince, who himself stands isolated and discarded in his home country. Even the queen doesn't trust him to make him the next King!!


Atal Behari Sharma said...

Chidanand Muni is an agent of western corporations and a broker for water treatment /pollution control equipment agencies who want to grab the Holy rivers in the name of cleaning......he is using Bhagva for business interests.......

Balram Misra said...

The observation by Tarun Vijay would be most acceptable when India gets complete freedom from the foreign yoke.It will take some more years, or decades,for the original conscience to wake up and truly throw away the traits of mental and economic slavery.

P Kanagasabapathi said...

The views of Shri.Tarun Vijay are very relevant for all of us think.