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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Vivekananda Youth Connect -a unique campaign

Dr Rajesh Sarwadnya , Founder of  “Vivekananda Youth Connect“ is a devotee of Swami Vivekanand who has taken up the cause of Swamiji in a unique way. last week he contacted me, gave me some beautifully designed shirts and explained his concept of Vivekananda Youth Connect. I am  impressed with his zeal and dynamism. Here is a letter that he sent me about his campaign. Tarun Vijay

Dear Sir,
I would like to introduce you to our new initiative," Vivekananda Youth Connect" – an initiative to popularise Swami Vivekananda’s message to the youth and project him for what he is, a youth icon.
We all know that India is a Nation of Youngsters. The youth population of India is nearly half its 1.2 billion population and the largest youth segment in the whole world. This young generation (GenNext as it is referred to) needs an icon, a role model, a hero, a brand,  whom they can identify with, love, respect, embrace as an ideologue, and be inspired by.
Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902) was a messiah of globalism

Rajesh explaining me the iunique concept to propogate Swamiji's thoughts 

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who preached universal harmony and religious tolerance to India and the West. His life is an embodiment of dynamism, service, fearlessness and strength. His love for his motherland was matched by his critical evaluation of India’s strengths and weaknesses. His questioning mind and scientific reasoning that sprang from his faith in himself spared neither God nor guru – leading him to embrace spirituality with the same fervor as he did modern science. His message of education for the masses, eradication of privilege and discrimination are relevant today as never before. Who can be a better ‘Youth Icon’ in India today?
T-Shirt & Social Media are two things the youth of today are crazy about. We thought to bring these two together to reach the young generation. It is our humble effort to connect the youth of 21st Century India with Vivekananda – his life, vision, mission to bring about a national resurgence.
We believe that the T-shirt can be an attractive medium to connect today's youngsters — boys & girls, so we designed 50 T-shirts of Vivekananda Quotes & Pictures. We have launched three designs so far.  We ask you, as a prominent member of society to buy Vivekananda T Shirts, wear it, get photographed in it and post it on social media. We too will circulate it on social media. This we are sure will make Vivekananda t-shirts and his message popular.
Dr Rajesh Sarwadnya
Founder “Vivekananda Youth Connect“


SAI SHYAM said...

where can i puchase these t shirts?

Saurabh Sarthak said...

you r looking smart in the T shirt...dis wud definitely connect to Youth ..

Upendra Kanzarkar said...

where can i puchase these t shirts?