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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Banzara Azadi- my column in Jansatta


Tarun said...

(caution, the following is a bread-and-butter issue, something which is forbidden on this blog and in your writings)

Recycling of ships, plastic waste, lead acid, computer waste and so on is taking place in India. Dirty production of heavy chemicals and metals is also occurring here. Massive denudation of forests is the result of open cast mining, large projects for producing power, setting up of airports, expansion of road and rail networks and so on. It is said that development requires all this. Is this true? Not quite since environmental destruction lowers the welfare gains of material growth. It is like digging holes and filling them where there is activity without productivity. One needs to question the development model which postpones the costs to the future generations.

Indian Economy and the Crisis of a Borrowed Development Strategy

Tarun said...

Is there one BJP leader who appreciates Indian classical arts?

Tarun said...

The only way to save the rupee and our future is to start practising Swadeshi again.

Tarun said...

It is time to restore balance in our lives, think in terms of age old concepts like import substitution and check the rampant spread of this consumerist culture. Otherwise doomsday is not far away.

Practise swadeshi, save the rupee, save our future.