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Thursday, July 4, 2013

President Pranab Mukherjee's touching tribute to the heroes of Uttarakhand rescue mission. A special message for today's Homage and Hope meet


Charan said...

This needs a post? On this blog? Seriously?

Tarun said...

All these years, our primary job has been to divert public attention from bread-and-butter issues, environmental issues, sustainability issues. Issues of the rural folks, the farmers and the common man. Our interest lies in grander causes, like making India a superpower, Bollywood style, ignoring the common man and his rights.

So, I don't think we should address this question: What happens to the fraud that RIL played on the nation -- the backlog of KG-basin gas?

Backlog at old price will mean 7-year itch for RIL

Tarun said...

Grabbing land from the farmers and giving it to Ambanis and Ansals will not help Bharat. It will not help the BJP.

Eviction of Sikh farmers in Gujarat stirs up Punjab politics