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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Storm hit in Kedarnath some pics from Gupt Kashi, Gauri Kund

With RSS workers on way to Gupt Kashi, Gauri Kund
An old yatri in Gupt Kashi with swollen feet being helped by RSS swayamsewak

Free langar for yatris by local Gupt Kashi citizens

Local relief workers at Gupt Kashi

with RSS, BJP workers involved in relief work at Gupt Kashi

Yatris waiting for the vehicles at Gupt Kashi helipad to be taken to the relief camp. RSS workers are standing nearby

Yatris going to catch home bound trains being given some food packets, biscuits for the way by RSS workers

Shivam Bisht showing his wound oin the belly which he got in Kedarnath. His knee too was fractured.

Pankaj Kumar giving first aid to Shivam

Have you seen them? A gentleman from jaipur, asking every passenger , showing pictures of his relatives who had been missing in Kedarnath.

On way to Gauri Kund, a devastated area.

An army Jawan taking a lady yatri to helipad in Gauri Kund

Tarun Vijay thanking Major Anil of Bihar Reg at Gauri Kund 

Mrs Maikhuri speaking to  Shri Tarun Vijay near Gauri Kund . She had come to see  the plight of animals. She heads  the animal rights organisation ( of Mrs Maneka Gandhi)  in Uttarakhand

The street that once brimmed with joy and faithfuls' divine happiness, wore a deserted look. It was heartwrenching to see cloths, shoes, essentials of the yatris spread all over. and the stink of the dead ...

With a mother, who was just rescued from Jungle Chatti

At Gauri Kund helipad with a yatri

The rescued yatris, having reached at Gauri Kund often become emotional .. they couldn't believe they are alive... 


Raman Malik said...

it is gr8 to see that rather than to seek air time you r on the ground that is what is the DIFFERENCE BJP "A PARTY WITH DIFFERENCE"

Gopal said...



Salute to shri tarun vijay ji....real swaymsewak.!!!!

Tarun said...

May you have the energy to serve like this for a long long time.

Anonymous said...

Well done RSS

Raman Malhotra said...

Great work.god bless