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Saturday, February 2, 2013

My column in Jansatta today. On using AFSPA removal demand to denigrate the army and Vishwaroopam/Nandy controversy.


MKP said...

It is just an unfortunate to have such a constitution in our hand and such a people to operate on them. As far as kasmir is concerned we must understand the fact that kasmir is muslim majority state. So you need to use power. We must have enough security to handle Jihad Mentality. We have faced enough Jihad in earlier years. Lots of History books depicting the actual color of Jihad and a well qualified muslim gets attracted towards in Jihad times. So power and strict rules must be applied to stop these things much like USA and other europiam States.

MKP said...

Absolutely True. I often gets fade up with this so called secular mentality. We are forgetting the past. Jihad is a curse on Human existence and the only solution to this is enough protection and strict rules. Army needs even more power to handle the exact condition.