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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jansatta Hindi column on the festive season's wishes



Charan said...

India’s forgotten handicrafts
This is real India. BJP needs to invest time and energy on this real India.

Charan said...

Tarunji, one suggestion:

Maj. Gen. Bhuwan Chandra Khanduri is a real hero. A rare personality in today's Indian politics. Please don't wait for him to retire or leave this world before you praise him.

The party should ensure that his good work and achievements get the credit they deserve. It is not a bad idea to bring him into the limelight in national politics and even make him the next PM candidate.

Please do something. Please!!

Tushar said...

Next time you give a speech to ABVP replete with quotations of Swami Vivekananda, please remember this:

The minister said the role of parents and the "guru" or teacher in a child's education is significant, and the traditional importance accorded to them has eroded. "We need to revive that," he said.

Make every member of the ABVP to take an annual pledge to respect and honor the Guru.