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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tarun Vijay lambasts dishonest practice of coaching centres-Slaughter Houses of education, its a war between Prabhakar and Mithilesh

                                                Tarunvijay BJP Uttarakhand
                                          In the chair : Dr.E.M.S Natchiappan
             The Pre-examination Coaching Centres Regulatory Authority Bill-2010

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sir,I humbly request you to investigate rampant arbitrariness in Civil Service Exam,off late it has become hugely unpredictable,I can give you various examples if you ask me for that. UPSC says its all fair and no body can question its integrity but I really wonder what transparency is there if they don't want to even reveal cut off marks for prelims exam, In mains exam candidates otherwise getting fabulous marks get shockingly low marks in one particular paper that destroys his whole hard work. I Kindly request you to take up the issue in Parliament and force UPSC to open its procedure and selection criterion in front of august house. Further I beg your attention for the last attempters who has given their prime time of youth for preparation of this exam with all dedication,perseverance and focus,as you know just difference of few marks can throw a candidate out of list,so do you think its justifiable that such candidates are forced to again make struggle for livelihood? can't our welfare government give them some good opportunity in government sector itself.
Looking forward for you reply and I sincerely request you once again to take up this matter