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Friday, February 17, 2012

BJP statement on Indian kids in Norway

Govt must act fast, firm, get us back our kids and have them reunited with parents.

Date : February 18, 2012

Dear Friends,


            Today, we are enclosing press statement issued by BJP National Spokesperson and MP, Shri Tarun Vijay. Kindly cover.


            Thanking you.


With warm regards,


BJP Central Media Cell

11, Ashok Road

New Delhi – 110001

Press Statement

UPA govt failing  disgracefully to protect the Indian children in Norway from the clutches of the insensitive and barbaric Norwegian authorities has added another episode in its long list of failures. This episode shows that UPA government has only one family in the billion plus Indians to protect, and rest of the Indians do not matter to it at all. The UPA led govt is more interested to please Terror exporter countries than  to protect Indian common citizen. Govt.  should have done better to send a cabinet minister to Norway to help  the little kids reunited with their parents, who were allowed, shockingly, just for an hour to meet their distraught parents after  months of indescribable pain of separation .

If Indian government would not help common Indians in such trying times of their life, would they go to a foreign land for seeking justice? While we are witnessing a family drama  in UP elections, none of the so called family members have found it fit to speak for the Indian parents being emotionally tortured in Norway for the last nine months.

Government must make international community aware of this incident and create a world opinion against the Norwegian authorities. A report in the Hindu today clearly describes the inhuman behaviour of the Norwegian authorities to kids as little as one year.  Helping  Indian parents to get re united with their little kids in Norway seems to be nowhere on the priority radar of this government which is running helter skelter, to loan a description from one of its envoys, who was recently awarded Padma award, like headless chicken.

We demand government be very firm to Norway, even tell them if they don't behave in a civilised manner and handover the kids immediately to the Indian parents, we will snap diplomatic ties with such a rude government unfit to be included in the comity of new era modern civilised nations.

Tarun Vijay

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Get Grounded said...

Get grounded. Get rooted. Get centered. Stop wasting timing on superficial diplomacy and false honor. Inability to look near is a hallmark of your party -- this is the sole reason it could never gain the trust of rural India. And you never understood the real India. Mutual distaste, sir.