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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Build a grand Victory Arch- Bharat Vijay Dwar- to commemorate 1971 victory-Tarun Vijay in Rajya Sabha

SPECIAL MENTION in Rajya Sabha by Tarun Vijay-21st December 2011

16th December is a day of great glory and victory for Indian Arm forces when nine month long Bangladesh liberation war was won in 1971 and General A.A. K. Niazi, the Commanding Officer of the Pakistan Armed Forces surrendered his forces to Lt. General Jagjit Singh Aurora the Allied Forces Commander with 90,000 troops. This victory led to the formation of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. This was also India's finest hour under the Prime Ministership of Mrs. Indira Gandhi and the wonderful military leadership provided by Field Marshal S.H.F.J.Manekshaw, Lt. General Jacob, Lt. General Jagjit Singh Aurora, Vice Admiral Krishnan and scores of other patriotic officers and jawans. The whole nation stood as one people solidly supporting the political and military leadership and the parliament had reverberated with great emotions of solidarity so eloquently represented by Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Ironically, the nation has failed to erect a single memorial to the victorious Indian Forces in the National Capital. The sacrifices and incredible saga of valour, courage, grit and supreme dedication to the motherland remain unsung and gradually - Bharat Vijay Diwas, is relegated to small observances. I demand the Govt. of India should erect a Bharat Vijay Dwar in New Delhi, more impressive in its grandeur and splendour than any existing memorials built by the British, Govt. must also declare 16th December as an official victory day to be observed in all schools, colleges, and govt. offices, with an armed forces parade in the National Capital.

Tarun Vijay
Div. No. 243

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