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Saturday, June 4, 2011

राजनीतिज्ञों की साख पर बट्टा लगा: तरुण विजय

उत्तम हिन्दू
3 June, 2011


त्यागी said...

प्रिये तरुण जी
आप एक प्रखर वक्ता और विद्वान व्यक्ति है, परन्तु आज कल आप का मैं उचित उपयोग होते नहीं देख रहा हूँ. मीडिया में भी "जलन " के कारन पत्रकार भी आप से प्रशन पूछने से संकोच करते है क्योंकि आपकी वाणी में प्रखरता और तर्क होते. निवेदन है किसी बड़े आन्दोलन या कार्य को जनता के सामने लाये जिस से आप जैसे लोगो के कृत्ये से भारत माता धन्ये हो.

Anonymous said...

This is for Tarun Vijay only. Please do not post it publicly.

Dear Shri Tarun Vijay,

I am a great sympathizer of the BJP. So I would like to put forth my views on how to dethrone anti-hindu Congress from Delhi.

First of all, the picture of BJP as perceived by common man and intellectuals:

BJP is strong in some states, but overall, many (intellectual) people say that BJP is as much corrupt as the Congress (which is not ture).

The image of the BJP in states like UP is very low.

People perceive that BJP leaders are always fighting with each other.

Narendra modi is loved by many people, but if you project him as your leader, things may not work out.

From today's police attack on Baba Ramdev, it should be very clear that Congress can go to any extent.

So, my suggestion for the BJP is: rather than trying to get prime minister's post, your goal should be to remove Congress.

One possible solution: Try to exploit the situation created by civil society and Baba Ramdev.

Declare some person from the civil society as the prime ministerial candidate (certainly NOT Bhusans, agnivesh, etc.) but some one like Kiran Bedi whom I perceive to have no hatred for BJP, if not love.

Make a coalition of parties (like JD(u), akali, shiv sena, TDP, Jaylalita, navin patnaik, etc) to back Kiran Bedi.

I want to clear one thing: Ideally, I want Narendra Modi as PM, but according to today's circumstances, I am giving suggestion to back person like Kiran Bedi.

I think this is one of the ways to get back to power.

Because in some states (like Delhi, UP, Haryana, etc.), people do not trust BJP.

Hope your read this e-mail and give a thought about it, and communicate this to senior members like Advani.

If you read this, please give me a hint that you indeed read it, so that in future, I feel encouraged to send my views to improve the position of BJP.

Thanks and best regards,

Anjani said...

You are great thinker sir. I appreciate your statement from bottom of my heart.

Anjani said...

You are a great thinker. I appreciate your thoughts from bottom of my heart.

Anonymous said...

sir jee , the people like ANNA HAZARE, BABA RAMDEV JEE , and * u * is the only hope for the indian something sir jai hind.

Maddy said...

enzedsir u r a great leader so please spread hinduism around the world with your thoughts.