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Thursday, October 28, 2010

case filed by youths against Geelani and Roy in New Delhi

Press Brief by Aditya Raj Kaul
28th October 2010
On October 21st, 2010 a group of separatists and their symathisersfrom all over the country took part in a seminar titled Azadi:The OnlyWay at LTG Auditorium, Copernicus Marg in the heart of nationalcapital. The contents of the said seminar were inflamatory in natureand instigated communal passions. Since it could harm communal harmonyin our country we had informed the local DCP Police in advance aboutthe event, who assured us action. Unfortunately, those who protestedagainst this communal anti-India gathering waving the tri-colour wereforcefully evicted out of the venue during the course of the seminar.

For last seven days we waited for the Government to take formalaction. The Ministry of Home Affairs has lately shown no keen interestto move ahead with the case. We therefore decided to move as privatecitizens who attended the said event to the Tilak Marg Police Stationto file a formal complaint. The concerned SHO has assured us enquiryinto our complaint and further action. We expect him to file an FIRover the complaint that he has accepted. If there is no action withinnext 72 hours, we'll use further legal rights available with us to getthe accused booked.
We were outraged to see anti-national elements abuse our nation. Weare dismayed by Government inaction into the case.
Case filed by Sushil Pandit - 9811111088.


sudershan said...

Sarkar jaan boojh kar soi hui hai. Isko jagane se achha hai ki isko kursi dene oklon ko jagaya jay. yeh nikammi sarkar desh bechana chahti hai. ise chalta karne ke sare prayatna karne chahian. hamse aik chook ho gai hai vo yah ki jaise shivaji ne afzal khan ka pet phar kar uska ant kiya tha vaise he gilani ke saath karna chahiye tha. Sab kuchh thik ho jata. - Dr Sudershan

samarth said...

चलिए कानूनी कार्यवाही की शुरुआत तो हुई लेकिन अब नज़रे न्यायलय पर है की वो क्या करती है, सजा सुनाती है या ......?

Sid Mogra said...

NSA against Varun Gandhi,
Jail to Amit Shah,
But No Action against Arundhati.

sanjay said...

This is a welcome decision by Mr Sushil Pandit and thanks to all those who stood against the anti nationals frtom the nation loving people.
All the people who love there nation are with u. some by will and some have to be under complusion in near future.
Great Job Done.
Regards Sanjay Hangloo

vikas said...

Great doing..we cant trust congress to file the case due to their Muslim Vote Bank policies.Geelani and Roy must be punished.These Jaichands can be born in our country only....

Sanatani said...

Instead of looking for help from Pakistan alone, separatists in J&K will develop some ties within India too with the likes of Suzie Roy. If her support gives the separatists a false sense of complacency, it is a good thing. Let them be lulled, till Pakistan is killed.

JayKumar said...


Some one must do Arun Shourie in BJP by filing case against this anti-national elements. Even Arun Shourie carried out one man crusader against former CM of Maharashtra Rehman Antulay's corruption.

Similarly BJP leaders must come out with courageous effort, just by debating in Parliament will not solve any issue,this people Geelani will hide inside Kashmir like rat but what about Arundhati Roy she must be taught a lesson how Hindus taught lesson to M F Hussain by filing case against him across country.

After all BJP has been given responsibility by the people of this country to fight against such anti-national element and corruptions as well.

During NDA's tenure Jama Maszid Mullah said that I am ISI agent if Advani has guts he can arrest him but due to Vajpayeeji's soft nature he was not arrested but its not necessary to repeat the theory again and remain mute spectators.

I think BJP must file a case against this people first and then they must go to Parliament for debate.

PriThvi said...

she should be kicked from the country way back..when she came front to save proved terrorist afzal guru.

amar jeet said...

बदलते परिवेश मैं,
निरंतर ख़त्म होते नैतिक मूल्यों के बीच,
कोई तो है जो हमें जीवित रखे है,
जूझने के लिए है,
उसी प्रकाश पुंज की जीवन ज्योति,
हमारे ह्रदय मे सदैव दैदीप्यमान होती रहे,
यही शुभकामनाये!!
दीप उत्सव की बधाई...................