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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

हिन्दू पर आतंकवादी छाप से अलकायदा को मदद

- तरुण विजय

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S Kuber RA said...

Dear Tarun JI

I read your articles in Dainik Jagran and I really like you. I wish to briing to your kind notice that many big astrologers have not yet brought into:

Mrs. Indira Gandhi
Mrs. Sonia Gandhi
Shri Atal Ji
Narendra Modi JI
Mamata JI
Mayavati JI
Jayalaita Ji
Rahul JI
Mrs Sheela Dixit JI
and many more famous political figures. The common factor is the astrological combinations of India. All of them have weak poor seventh house i.e. no marital happiness but they are successful politicians. It is the destiny of India. People who succeeded in politics in India have almost negligible marital happiness.

BJP can also return back to power if somone like Modi Ji is projected as PM.

Its simple astrological combinations but no one really looked into it. Kindly list out all successful politicians of India and you will be surprised to know that most of them had poor marital happiness and they succeeded in life especially after 42 years of age. After 48 years, the real period starts. Wait for Rahul Ji also.

S Kuber RA
921 33 58 369