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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In Bangalore - Speaking about Indian secularism and China : Part1

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Anonymous said...

I was at Chushul during 1964-66.We had a Line of Actual control shown in our maps.Chinese crossed it and killed my constables.We just relocated leaving most of our area.It was never reclaimed by successive Congress, Janatha dal or NDA government under BJP.
If yu donot learn from History, you are condemned to repeat it.
You fear Islamic fundementalism.But I will call it appeasement of fundementalists in Islam instead of reaching out to the Majority of Muslims who may be abhorring it.Abdul Madani of coimbatore blasts didnot fear his undertrail status and so carried out Banglaore blasts in 2008. I find a local MLA Kandaswami even calling for release of condemned terrorists during world tamil conference.But BJP doesnot learn from its mistakes just like our nation.It doesnot has got the guts to expose how Madani got released by a lower court for coimbatore blasts while even Supremecourt refused him bail twice on available evidence.