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Thursday, October 29, 2009

देश के लिए खतरा बनते माओवादी

अमर उजाला
तरुण विजय

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Rama_Bangalore said...

Hindus are provoked :

By trying to bring Mr.M.F.Hussein back to India from Dubai, UPA or it’s mastermind Sonia wants to pitt the Hindu sentiments against Muslims. This is a carefully organised ploy started today by our TV channels (mouthpiece of Soniaji). My appeal to all Hindus is that none of us should react. We should fail the mission of Sonia to launch hatred on the Hindu minds towards Mr.Hussein. The highest punishment that the Hindus could give to Mr.Hussein is to let him feel himself the sin that he has committed. The entire history of the Indian civilisation has lots of stories about Asuras provocating Devas and the misdeeds of Asuras towards Devaas. In all these instances, Devaas have not fought violently against the Asuras, but have sought the help of Almighty and this is exactly what the Hindus have to do. Any violent reaction from Hindus by means of violence will strengthen the cunning desires of the UPA. If Mr.Hussein has painted Hindu Godesses in the most absurd way, then God (or Dharma – the rule of universe) will punish him.
UPA has also started activities to provide clemency to Mohammad Afzal and even for this; we should not react and make it an issue. UPA wants BJP to take up these issues and get a bad name among the Muslims. Let the UPA which has a mandate upto 2014 do whatever it wants to do. If the Hindus don’t react for both of these incidents, UPA would be surprised and they would have failed in their bad intentions. Spread this message as much as we can.
We are all supporting the BJP and why do we do this ? Is it because BJP would do anything in favour for the Hindus ? No, we believe that they would do justice for all Indians irrespective of their faith. Today, we do not have Righteous people governing us and we expect that the BJP would balance their actions to provide justice for all.
Why should BJP morally support the Hindus on the Ram Janmabhoomi issue ? My answer is :
Greater India was partitioned to provide a separate country for the Muslims and Paksitan was carved out of it. The remaining part of greater India could have been declared a Hindu country, but it was only proclaimed as a Secular nation accepting the diversities of India. The BJP believes that the majority of Indians, (read Hindus) deserve the credit for upholding Secularism in this country, The Hindus did not bother to elect people like Mr.M.Karunanidhi to higher posts, who has done during his lifetime all possible atrocities against Hindus. The Hindus never looked at the faith of Ms.Sonia when she was elected to the top position of the country’s major political party. The Hindus should not be termed Communal just because some have resorted to violence when provoked, as they are the backbone and upholders of Secularism in India. Jammu and Kashmir is the only Muslim majority state of India and Secularism has no value there. The reason told by the separatists in J & K for their “Azaadi movement” is that they don’t feel secure in Hindu majority India. This is great insult to the Secular values practised by the Hindus. Is it not one classic example of why Hindus deserve credit for upholding secularism in India. The BJPs support to the Ram Janmaboomi cause was only to strengthen the Secularism of India.
Let the Hindus speak only with the ballots and not with weapons or violence. Let the UPA fail in its mission of pitting the BJP or Hindus against the Muslims.