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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"भारत के लिए क्यों है जरूरी भाजपा?"

Aug 10-2009
तरुण विजय


Arun said...

Our pluralistic Hindu society needs multiple parties working together and reaching all sections of society.

What we need:

A new Left-of-Center party, overseen by the Sangh, to complement BJP.

New party to be initially confined to states where BJP is absent (Kerala, TN, AP, Orissa and WB - total 164 seats in Lok Sabha)

BJP to co-exist in these states, but as a junior partner.

Emphasis on Swadeshi economics and sustainable living; occupy part of the Leftist space.

De-emphasis on Article 370. Mostly irrelevant in these states.

Till it can stand on its own, the new party can ally with regional parties like TDP, BJD, JDU. Act as a bridge between BJP and regional parties opposed to Congress.

For some leaders (like P A Sangma), it will provide an alternative if they find BJP attractive but do not want to associate with it.

Summary: Let the BJP remain rightist Hindutva party. New party to carry along moderate Hindus and expand the support base. Time for the Sangh to consider starting its own in-house Left-of-Center party instead of having to rely on unreliable partners like JD(U), BJD and TDP.

It will be like twin-engines taking Hindu interests forward.

Ayaz said...

I literally laughed on reading the title of the article. There cannot be a worse timing for such an article. How can we Indians trust such a party, which always talk of high morals, ethics and national pride, but acts otherwise. How can we Indians forget what happened in Kandahar, when the BJP led NDA government succumbed to the demands of the terrorists. Now let us talk about Jaswant Singh episode. L K Advani praised Jinnah in Pakistan's National Assembly perhaps to win the hearts of Pakistanis, but he forgot that he belongs to India and hurt the sentiments of we Indians. Even today BJP (Arun Jetly) says it was a tactical statement, what a shame. Jinnah's legacy has parallels with the Hitlers, Stalins and Milosevics not just because he mixed religion with politics, but rather because his politics led to unprecedented genocides in the Indian sub-continent, since he did not hesitate to use violence to achieve his political ends. His appeal of "Direct Action" and what followed in Bengal is a testament to that. It is well known fact that Jinnah was not religious personally. He merely used certain religious symbols and slogans to mobilize Muslims against the Hindus as a political force. For this reason, he can certainly be an ideal for people like Advani, who shamelessly played the Hindutva card, exploited the emotions of Hindus, came to power and ultimately fooled and cheated them, when he had to deliver his promises. It seems that people have taken their lessons well.