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Friday, February 13, 2009

The new proselytisers

Tarun Vijay
Nandita Das created a stir by scripting and directing Firaaq. It's a soul-stirring movie. The director and the scriptwriter, Nandita has tried to be as honest and candid with the celluloid as her deep-rooted commitment to her political ideology. Terrifyingly impressive was the way she used the silence as a tool to etch her message on the spectators' minds disturbing the perceptional status quo. The actors lived the characters they were explained to represent. And she admits frankly, 'it's a political movie'.
As a filmmaker and a journalist, I would give her full marks for a political statement that has been registered so strongly that this film is going to have better effect than a hundred thousand peoples' gathering.
Surely, more than a movie it's a political statement. She is a person, with strong colours of ideology and she has done what she thought she must do. Firaaq will certainly get rave reviews in the Indian media. Already she has received quite a few international awards, and like Slum dog Millionaire, it has passed the test through firang eyes and hence must be all the more acceptable to the 'progressive secular, peace loving' people here who have a large, global heart and express their feelings in English.
Apart from its technical qualities of cinematography, editing, direction and script it almost convinced me that barbarism begins with Hindus.
There would be a couple of critical articles or comments, if any of the secular press tsar cares to publish them, criticizing the movie on ideological points or for the depiction of the events, which they may find completely wrong and devastatingly hateful. They will forget that this is a political movie that would sell, as the west firang lands needs a Jamal or a Mohsin to be rewarded to help them cover the feelings emerged post nine eleven in the Bush era. Having heard Nandita on the movie and seeing the clips, I too would have converted to her views if the Godhra incident was not vividly clear in my mind.
I would have turned to take Nandita's autographs with a sense of admiration if I had not heard the cries of Seema, whose father, mother and brother were slaughtered with butcher's knife in Doda, before her eyes, when she was barely seven, in the name of a Jihad, my secular friends interpret differently। I tried to ask a question- who were those Hindus killed and brutalized barbarically during Gujarat riots? Its impossible for me to keep mum or justify what happened post Godhra, which saw innocent Muslims being killed so ghastly that no words are enough to express that hurt. The colour of the tears of a mother, whether Hindu or a Muslim are alike. But dividing dead bodies and deciding levels of mourning on the basis of their faith should be as unacceptable as the killings of the innocent citizens. Killing truth and colouring facts must also be called as a pogrom of civility. Nandita has done exactly that. Pray , why? So If I can admire her qualities of script writing and her directorial debut, shouldn't I be expected to appreciate, on the same level of objectivity, the organisational capabilities, commitment to the ideology and the power to motivate-even well educated- as exhibited in the personae of Osama bin Laden? Or should the motive and the message should also be a factor to print our appreciative hymns? And shouldnt the timing she has chosen to release the movie-just before the elections be also noticed and underlined? In fact the secular messengers of new gospel of hate have turned into the aggressive proselytisers setting their worldview as a prerequisite to enter any socio-political or literary regime. They have successfully monopolized the world of various media establishing English as the only vehicle of intellectual discourse thus keeping the doors to higher echelons of elite and decision makers shut to those who belong to the Indian language groups and represent the real ethos of the land. Though to make profits, these very secular groups would sell Bhajans and show religious serials while attacking the very spirit and the protective shields to such a tradition in the very next programme. They can't imagine winning votes with speeches in English or going to the common voter with a wine glass or a beer bottle in their hands. Yet, in their social circuit, they would raise the flag of pub-culture and look at Indian language speaker with the contempt of a British sergeant. Just have a look at the loan forms of the banks. The last paragraph says-those blind, illiterate or signing in a vernacular language must get their signatures attested by someone who knows English. Can this kind of an instruction be tolerated in UK or US for their national languages? Even using the word 'vernacular' for the national languages is a colonial and a derogatory one. But who cares? They look at Indians as slum dogs, are alien to the threads that weave a fabric called India and treat the 'natives' like Kipling's Ramu. So when a Diana came or any other western royalty comes, they are made to cuddle a slum dweller child with a running nose or taken to an orphanage for a photo op-showing western compassion for the underprivileged. Indian Prime Minister would be never asked to give alms to the homeless sleeping on the stairs of St. James in London or offer grants to an NGO in NY working for the victims of child abuse or the teenaged mothers. Compassion must remain virtue of the rich and powerful, you know.
It is this English speaking elite that determines what India must be reading or thinking or how Hindus must be behaving. They read about Hindus through Oxford or Cambridge publishers and show the temerity to sermonize those Hindus who have imbibed their Dharma in their genes and lived every bit of it, making Kumbh melas possible and taking dips in Ganga on the chilling mornings of Kartik and Magh. The secular proselytiser visits Kumbh, not as a devotee but as a photographer to take pictures of bathing Hindu women and sadhus using mobile phones, as if being sadhus they ought to live as cave men. The pictures they wire to press agencies are essentially depict the weird, intoxicated, obscene and the unacceptable face of uncivilized Hindus to the west.
They don't know a bit about our faith, or what Magh, Amavasya or Saptami means. They take Sanskrit degrees in English and tell us, what's the use of such knowledge in today's modern world? To be futuristic means denouncing all that you have preserved since ages. That's an alienated crowd of people with an accent, detached from Indian realities.
They tell us, you bad guys, you demolished our Babri. Yet, not a single political party can dare to promise in its election manifesto that if they are voted to power, they would re-construct Babri over the make shift temple of Ram in Ayodhya. Their influence on the Indian masses is hardly worth noticing, yet their control on media and political power centres make them important and be counted. Their intellectual terror is so overpowering that today most of the national parties in India work execute their proceedings in English. Poor and often unauthorized translations are dished out in Hindi or any other Indian language. The language, idioms and the attitude of this secular English speaking elite, controlling all the control boxes of media, advertisement and governance remains alien to the indigenous fragrances which they dismiss as folk or ethnic contours, only to be enjoyed in a Suraj Kund melas.
The secular code is-abuse and misrepresent the facts about the opponents, use a pub incident in Mangalore more importantly than the anguish and pains of the soldiers demonstrating at Jantar Mantar, turn every news desk and edit control station into Godhra-throttling the other view point, take salaries from those who provide huge donations to cow sheds in Rajasthan yet write columns on the most enjoyable beef in Mumbai. Lynching the other voice and launching pogrom of truth is the hallmark of the Anglicized secular power centers. Unless you convert to their view point and be ready to say 'build a toilet on Ramjanma Bhumi', delete Kashmiri Hindu woes from official list of concerns, forget Godhra victims treating them as expendable waste, ask questions about the motherhood of a Muthalik and front page it giving respectability to the Hon'ble Minister for Shopping and Cosmetics.These are the essentials one must have to get baptized in the brave new secular order.
One isolated incident of the Hindu right would become a globally circulated representative of the Hindu intolerance and terrorism. In fact these seculars are the most intolerant groups who would like to impose their worldview on others and the unyielding would find them charcoaled o their pages.
None of us accepted the way Mangalore happened. Who cares whether Valentine day is celebrated or not. If someone says to me 'happyValentine day', I will just smile and say-same to you. That's it. Those who find it a nice way to feel joy must be free to do so. But why I must say-'yes, the Valentine day is the biggest symbol of love, amity and happiness', and feel elated seeing obscenities on the streets to prove I am an educated modern person? To each one, his one. I must be ready to accept every happy occasion of any colour or faith or stream to smile and send compliments, but should it become as mandatory as a fatwa? If you have a freedom to celebrate a day, don't I have a freedom to express my opinion about it if I find it completely unacceptable to my values? But the secular fundamentalist wont let you have that freedom with his kind of moral policing.
Wait for the day they have turned into a day of Hindu-baiting, and any small time headline seeker would burn a card, or even intimate the media in advance, 'sir, I am burning a card to protect Indian culture, (like they protected our civilisation by beating girls in Mangalore), pl. mera picture lena'. And the entire media would oblige. It is this farce that has to be countered.
But my questions to those who use incidents like Gujarat riots for awards and rubbing salt on Hindu wounds, was -why forget Godhra and Doda and Anantnag and Kishtwar. And the way Maoists' kill commoners and the security persons in Maharashtra and Chattisgarh and 'use' their women cadre. They will never do that. In the case of Kashmiri Hindus, they wont like to earn displeasure of the Jihadi Muslims. And why should they portray Communists, their ideological friends in bad light?
I think it's self-defeating to react to such situations as a complainant. If you feel injustice has been done, prepare to counter the wrongs through legitimate instruments.
Nandita did what she felt was right and did it quite courageously without bothering what the other side would feel. What did you do to present Doda or Godhra to the world? Who stopped any other Indian to make a movie on the pains and sorrows of Seema or to document the desecration of temples in Kashmir and record the woes of Hindus who had to pass through weird massacres like the one we saw at Wandhama?


TOI Readers Comments said...

The new proselytizers
milind,uae,says:Why is Tarun not published in print edition, of papers who write pious eds on free speech and freedoms to target Hindus like Muthalik,Modi-BJP when they abuse their freee press to bash Hindus.
[13 Feb, 2009 0605hrs IST]

Anil Kumar,New Delhi,says:Tarunji, I must congratulate you again for this beautiful article written by you. It is time and again the thing that disturbs the common man is how the country is being governed. These psuedo secularist come to power because the Hindu votes are divided. Your article reminds me of Lord Maculay's address to British Parliament on February 1835 which he gave after travelling length and bredth of India. He clearly wrote taht if you want to destroy India then replace their old and ancient Education System. Indians feel that all that is FORIGN IS GOOD & GREATERTHAN THEIR OWN. This he forecasted that it will make them loose their Culture and they will become what we want them to become. This exactly happened and is still happenning, we are fast loosing our culture and heritage and day is not far that we will be decimated. We have to realise that all that Glitters is not gold. JAI HIND!!!!!!!!!
[13 Feb, 2009 0423hrs IST]

gourav gupta,NJ,says:Someone asked why papers do not publish Tarun Vijay's articles in the print edition.. Simple reason.. Tarun Vijay's articles are read and appreciated by the NRI's who are coexisting with other religions and in other countries and are in a position to think on their own. NRI's DO NOT VOTE ....But if his articles are printed, then actual voters might get converted and the pseudo secular bosses of these papers won't tolerate it. They can make money on web hits using Vijay's articles but at the same time not anguish their secular masters. May be we will soon have some Fox news like channel for the Right wingers .. I see the market for it ..and people asking for it
[13 Feb, 2009 0351hrs IST]

nivaas,world,says:Tarunji have you ever wondered why our nation had to bear the slaughter of invading alien culture by sword and the supposedly holy book, which enforces "OBEY OR ROT IN HELL". Exactly you guessed it, it is because we have millions Nandita and Arundhati and Mullayam etc etc in those trying times in the past and today. Why are you appologetic of your language towards Nandita, why not declare that it is the rotten money from the west and further west which flows in to these Hindu accounts for bashing Hindu culture. These people do not have the guts to air their views about Muslim and Christian atrocities on Hindus as they know the punishment will be swift and fast!!!!
[13 Feb, 2009 0039hrs IST]

veer,Delhi,says:So called Ram Sena turned into Ravana act by vandalizing the galmourous attitude of Mangloreans. I thought Manglore will have best lakes but soon the native of Mallaya Barrons had Pubs too. Comming back to Villians why is Ravana Sena receiving ladies chaddies..We have some better audience in JK as well for it. So called Freedom fightor cum Terrorist head Dukhtaraneh Millat chief Mrs AAyeesha ANdrabi is throwing acid on the daughters of JHelum in Kashmir. Why isnt Madam Tehleka raising any voice for girls of Kashmir or is it that Gun factor counts or ISlam is too strong to be challenged. What about a Beer in Hand...Happy valentine Pseudo campaigners !!! I am still confused about the Chaddi Wars
[13 Feb, 2009 0026hrs IST]

Dhananjay,IN,says:Great Article Tarun Vijay. The words were a whipping on my Hindu mind. Yes, we Hindus deserve to be where we are because of our abject neglect of our own religion,culture and civilization. Hope, atleast one Hindu gets the point after reading this article
[12 Feb, 2009 2123hrs IST]

Kirtimaan,MA,USA,says:Thank you Tarunji for this article. You have expressed the feelings of millions of indians who feel the same way. The thing to ponder is where in this whole world you will find any community or society of people binded by common faith to blame its member on such things..its only Hindus who do it to Hindus and defame them....there are good and bad people in every community but in large no one has been so tolerant and submissiive like hindus. I guess this is one main reason why today India is officially secular and not a muslim or christian country....yes because of hindus. People like Nandita Das should visit Muslim and Christian countries and then comment on hidu society. Thanks again Tarunji for being out there. You speak our mind.
[12 Feb, 2009 1955hrs IST]

ZEENA,kuwait,says:Tarunji is a great writer,who writes to get appreciation from the likes of him .Brahmins had ruled the caste Hindus since time immemorial and wants to keep their control by hook or crook.
[12 Feb, 2009 1955hrs IST]

vnksk,n delhi,says:To get rid of anti-Hindu politics, we have to get rid of anti-Hindu media - Channels . For this to happen we need a few alternative Channels that project an alternative view of things and happenings un-cluttered by anti-Hindu Congress Communist world view.
[12 Feb, 2009 1943hrs IST]

sachin soni,Gurgaon,says:Hats off Sir...This so called secular indians are not so secular and it is we people who are responsible for all this. It is we the people who like what is in other's plate and not look at the great indian tradition and great indian languages. Hats off remind people the very indianness..Please keep the LIGHTS ON..
Kumar,USA,says:Thank you very much Tarunji for writing such a nice article. When pseudo-secularists pose weird questions i have the answer in the form of this article.
[12 Feb, 2009 1801hrs IST]

Suresh Hattangadi,versova andheri,says:Dear Tarun, Thank your stars that your this article saw light of day.Wish many more people had this courage.Thanks for giving words to our thoughts.
[12 Feb, 2009 1801hrs IST]

Kumar,UAE,says:Great article!! Another good one from Tarun
[12 Feb, 2009 1712hrs IST]

Aravind Venkatram,USA,says:Criticizing a religion that does not defend itself even under extreme circumstances is not courageous. It is more akin to beating a tree knowing that it would not strike back. Had the lady in question made a movie about the "moral brigades" that run riot in Kashmir or the plight of Hindu Pandits who had been ethnically cleansed, then it can be called courage. By calling Nandita Das performance as "courageous" the author is doing a dis-service to the word.
[12 Feb, 2009 1653hrs IST]

DesiIndian,India,says:Secularists in india are very double standard, they are secular for minorities but for majority they become psuedo-secular just for their vested interest. these days if you say "Hey Ram" in public ppl look at you as if you were from Bajrang dal . We should work to change the scene otherwise a time will come when things will start falling from our control. Jai Hind !!
[12 Feb, 2009 1609hrs IST]

Mike,Delhi,says:Mangalore incident is unnecessarily highlighted by Congress and allied media because Karnataka is BJP ruled. No pseudo-sickular neta or media dare speak when jehadis pour acid on girls not wearing burqa in Srinagar. Where do these media ladies go then? Reason is - thousand yrs of Muslim rule had made most Hindus timid that manifests itself in form of "Secularism". TOI-If you're not kind of pseudo-secular media talked above .
[12 Feb, 2009 1530hrs IST]

Shruti,Mumbai,says:This is a good article I read in long time.. However, I think its high time we start thinking beyond religions. Such movies and articles will lead to chaos.
[12 Feb, 2009 1530hrs IST]

Prashant kumar,Delhi,says:WOW some one does calls a spade a spade.
[12 Feb, 2009 1516hrs IST]

Sunil,Delhi,says:Mr. Tarun, Well done again, your article is priceless for people like us. I wonder why Hindus are so flexible. Sometimes i even wonder, if Hindus could ever be united. I am unsure, if that would be possible to see in my lifetime. For the time being let's all unite by not watching this movie. We must unite to get this movie banned as the minority community does if they feel that a particular movie is an insult to their religious sentiments.
[12 Feb, 2009 1508hrs IST]

M.Murli,UAE,says:Best comments by Viv-Australia. Keep it up.
[12 Feb, 2009 1501hrs IST]
Sri,Bangalore,says:So true. The leftist jihadi nexus is a dangerous trend. The leftists use them to their advantage, whilst the poor sods are left dreaming of Jannat and the promised bounty. 3000 muslims killed in Gujarat? Really? I hope someone writes to them and has that malicious lie corrected .
[12 Feb, 2009 1455hrs IST]

Mohd Asim Khan,Delhi,says:Movies like Firaq are not expected to go down well with the self-styled torch bearers of Hindutva. Simply because Firaq exposes the fascist reality beneath a cobweb of words and confusing concepts fabricated to foment hatred (the confusion created over 'Hindutva' and 'Hinduism'). It certainly does not suit the agenda of people like Tarun Vijay.
[12 Feb, 2009 1453hrs IST]

Sameer,Punjab,says:Dear Tarun Ji can we have your personl Email id on which we can write to you.
[12 Feb, 2009 1335hrs IST]

Bala,Mumbai,says:Truly good article. Shame on Nandita Das.Guess she will do anything for some publicity fir herself.This is preceisely what can be called as pseudo secularism where people who feel criticism of Hinduism gets them instant limelight .
[12 Feb, 2009 1226hrs IST]

awaiting change in,India,says:I wish there are more people like Tarun vijay in the main stream media who has guts to call a spade a spade..most of other journalists and media persons are chicken hearted and makes others to look into our religion as a trash. I hope one day their eyes are opened to see the complete truth if they recover from pseudo-secular blindness.
[12 Feb, 2009 1154hrs IST]

[12 Feb, 2009 1131hrs IST]

Amit ,Bangalore,says:This is again a beauty of an article. But films by the other side of ideologies arent received well with the 'Progressive seculars'...An honest film by Ashok Pandit about the plight of Kashmiri Pandits in refugee camps went unnoticed by the secular media as the much as a 'C' grade movie would go. Anything that depicts the atrocities on the majority is to be snubbed since it can create a fear psychosis and can have a reprisal effect. But at the same time exaggerating the minority trauma is justified since it keeps the majority in a apologetic mode. This theory of the 'progressive seculars' has been passed on through the generations. In the melee, what is lost is "TRUTH" and the only gain is for the fundamental mindset to stoke passions for justice. The minority gets carried away with the biased reporting, forgetting about their own blessings to wage a war for a distant brother. While the majority fundamentalism would strive to prove a point that after all they are not barbarians.
[12 Feb, 2009 1121hrs IST]

darshan,dubai,says:Every article of yours is burning my heart and brings tears in eyes. But nothing i can do as majority of the Hindus are still not woken up. Please wake up and support for Hindu rising. Mr. Tarun please keep writing these kind of eye opening articles.
[12 Feb, 2009 1121hrs IST]

Lokesh Paul,Delhi,says:I think dat day is not too far when these pesedo secular politicians will ban Hindus to visit their temples .The community which has been on recieving end for arnd 1000 yrs,faced atrocities,mass conversions is considered communal.Most of the Media channels in india are inspired with leftist ideology or have their backing. In india as soon as u utter word "Hindu" or raise your voice abt plight of hindus even in several regions of india you are considered COMMUNAL,RSS man,SAFFORN BRIGADE.
[12 Feb, 2009 1107hrs IST]

Jitendra Desai,Surat,says:Media has become the handmaiden of those who seek and get power.Tarun is right.There are no political parties or media houses that will campaign for either restoration of Babri structure or demolition of the temple being built by VHP.They will continue to indulge in to such pin pricks, while Hindus march along as they have marched through the millenia.
[12 Feb, 2009 1026hrs IST]
MATTA TEMU REDDY,USA,says:For the media and secularisam it is unanimous agreement that terrorisam has no religion but roits have a religion that is Hinduism.People should realize that Voilence has no religion whether it is terrorisam or riots any kind of voilence should be denounced and there is no soft corner to it.People like Nandita and slumdogmillionair guys want to show what sells in the west showing people news once used to something which inspires now it is only one more commodity to sell.
[12 Feb, 2009 0953hrs IST]

Thiagan,Los Angeles,says:Neeraj: They have destroyed innumerable temples in India ad abroad; even now they are destroying in the Kashmir Valley and Malaysia. Your views please. "The captive from war that your right hand possessed." Your views please. They have destroyed even cinema theatres and video shops in SWAT valley. Your views please. They are bombing girls schools in FATA. Your views please.
[12 Feb, 2009 0846hrs IST]

sudhir,delhi,says:I fully endorse Tarunji's article.If we have to make India a first rate country,we have to understand once again ethos of our ancient philosphy and culture.This philosphy & culture is all encompassing,it is unlike fundamentalist, brutal , fear and hate spreading philosphies of other major world religions.Our civilisation went through a phase of decline ,which happens with everything in this world.We suffered 700 years of terrible persecutions,conversions , picked up some bad culture and superstitions on the way , have shrunk in geographical size, but we are the only civilisation which survived such onslaughts.It was because foundation of our philosphies and culture were very strong.This philosphical ethos has to be imbibed once again.Just study Vedanta ( in the beginning,try from Ramakrishna mission literature as they have written it in easier to understand way , unfortunately we have been distanced from our heritage so we may need easier readings in the beginning , we might graduate to original text readings there after ).Now compare Vedantic thoughts and philosphy with any other religions philosphy.Any unbiased and free mind would immediately understand difference between kindergarten stuff and Ph.d stuff.Difference between philosphies derived and devised for desert tribals and philosphies grown in prosporous civilised areas for civilised people.Let me add here that study of Vedanta is not to make comparisons,but it will make anyone come out of web cast by other religions.These so called secularists are people without roots,There grasping power of complex and civilisational issues is limited.We have to improve ourselves in our understanding and imbibing of our ancient philosphies,our philosphies are not opposed to any modern philosphy based on rational thinking & real truth searching attitude.Infact our philosphy is the highest form of open minded and truth seeking philosphy.These so called present day elite intellectuals will automatically get dwarfed.
[12 Feb, 2009 0745hrs IST]

abhijeet,melbourne,says:Why cant we have a polity discourse which can look at all indians as merely indians (and part of the global human culture) without categorising them in to sub-groups?
[12 Feb, 2009 0528hrs IST]

ankit patel,auckland,says:And have you noticed Tarunji, every movie now a days has one song atleast based on "allah" or "khuda" .U can find thousands of songs who includes word "khuda" or "maula". there are very few songs which includes "ishwar" or "Ram". i am not strong Hindu fundamentalist or anything but this is the small observation that i have found out from recent songs.
[12 Feb, 2009 0519hrs IST]

Sanjay,London,says:Even though it lacks the facts and evidence, depiction of Hindus as terrorists has become new trend in Bollywood. This has huge impact on most of Hindus living abroad and on the perception of Hindus in Western world. Hindus abroad are so worried about their secular perception that they are even afraid of calling themselves Hindus in public. As far as western people are concerned, most of Hindus are rioters who gather as mobs and kill innocent Muslims. These stereotypes are so strong that it is almost impossible to have any useful discussion with them.
[12 Feb, 2009 0455hrs IST]

Dharmesh,Toronto,says:Can't really blame them. They are the brain child of late Mr. Macaulay! They are just doing what they have learned to do in their convent schools.
[12 Feb, 2009 0314hrs IST]

PBHGVA,INdia,says:Nandita Das is no more a proselytizer of what she believes in than Mr. Vijay is a proselytizer of Hindutva. Both are systems of beliefs, both compatible with Hinduism, which says, "each to his path to God in his own way". Let the cultural wars begin and let people make up their minds which idea is better for them or for India! And let's do it without violence .
[12 Feb, 2009 0226hrs IST]

Manja Mali,atlanta,says:Thanks Tarun, after years a sensible article that made me read it without frothing from my mouth // thanks ~manja mali
[12 Feb, 2009 0110hrs IST]

Vishal,Toronto,says:The Leftists and elites who criticize the Hindu right wing can't be faulted for doing so. They know very well that Hinduism (Like Buddhism) as a religion is in rapid decline and its true adherents are falling rapidly. Most who profess to follow the religion do so only because of superstition. The Leftist/elites by nature are atheist/agnostic so they love to attack religious beliefs. Nothing wrong with that but do they have the guts to criticize Islam. They do that without fear in the west but here in India they run scared. Is it because they might pay with their lives.
[12 Feb, 2009 0051hrs IST]
ssmoorthy,carmel usa,says:This is a well written article. Nandita being brought up elsewhere does not know the history or actualities of India.Partly Indian secularism of Nehru was responsible which was misguided.When Jinnah wanted country on religious basis Nehru should have accepted and asked all Muslims to vacate India.As a child in Andhra I still remember my parents and the villagers scared of Razakars.Nandita has not visited the temples in various parts of India which were systematically destroyed by Muslims.Nandita is probably unaware of the troubles in most of the countries caused by separatists who are Muslims.Nandita will not have admirers except Bin Laden
[12 Feb, 2009 0047hrs IST]

BharatRight,New York, USA,says:This is an excellent article. Even though, i have been forced to learn and live off English languaage, I would have been the first to agree that the prevalence of English as the language of the business an elites has created 2 classes in the country. One is the elites, people who know English, and the other is the so-called 'vernacular'. It is nothing but the modern caste system. There is no question that the media is driven by these modern 'brahmins' and they are making sure that the country is run based on their minority opinion.
[12 Feb, 2009 0012hrs IST]

Keyur,Singapore,says:Salute Tarunji for writting another good article which is very well related to the current situation.
[11 Feb, 2009 2322hrs IST]

Neeraj,India,says:Mr Tarun Vijay one of your ilk last week apologised for Babri masjid demolition.What does your enlightened mind has to say about him. Rajasthan's BJP govt was known for promoting pub/mall culture in Rajasthan.your views please. Rajeev Pratap Rudy was very swift in distancing BJP from Mangalore incident and very emphatically said we are not against pubs.Views please. Molesting women in name of anti pub demonstration that's Hindu culture.Views please.
[11 Feb, 2009 2231hrs IST]

Rajan,Kochi,says:These kind of people wheather it be Nandita or Arundhathi Roy are competing against each other to get a good share of terrorism fund .
[11 Feb, 2009 2143hrs IST]

sanjeev,mumbai,says:Hindus have survived many onsloughts in the past, and our roots are so strong that barking of these so called intellectuals cant harm Hindu civilization and cultures. Its faxhion to abuse hindus and hindu culture in public and like all the faxhions this would too pass. Their is a limit for everything and the Hindu bashing has reached it limit.I think. soon people would get fed of these intellectuals.
[11 Feb, 2009 2056hrs IST]

Raj,Jammu,says:Dear Tarun Ji., You speak the heart of millions of silent Indians. There was an intresting thing in yesterdays 20-20 match between India-Srilanka. India within a few seconds adopted the cheer leaders of west. But see the dignity of Srilanka, Instead of cheer leaders they introduced their folk dancers and the view and the display was remarkable. Apart from this, for your readers let me clear misconception about Kashmiri pandits (KPs). There is a misconception that KPs are Brahamins. All KPs are not Brahamins. Ancestors Kashmiri Pandits in fact comprised of all the four caste classes. Kashmir from times immortal was a seat of learning and Pandit used to be prefixed (as a title) with the name of anybody who underwent the courses those were offered by Universities in kashmir at that time which was based on vedic teachings and comprised evey walk of like. It was in a similar way as these day after a person undergoes MBBS, gets the title Dr with his name. Pandit means a learned man. Hindus in Kashmir had all the four classes in the society as rest of India has. But given the nature of Kashmiris even the people from other classes apart from Brahmins were encourageed to undergo the learning process besides their own and with cent percent literacy the people from other casts too got the title 'Pandit'. Till date there is no division within this community and you can check that a Kashmiri Pandit has no reservation for mixing socially with any of the castes Hindus in rest of India. They can stay and eat with anybody irrespective of caste. For knowing about kashmir one may refer to Kashmir history at the following link
[11 Feb, 2009 2044hrs IST]

viv,aus,says:Dear Tarun, Your article reminds me of the BJP Slogan which said "Garv se kaho hum Hindu hai" and it made a huge difference to the Hindu psyche.It changed the indian political scene forever - from a unipolar to a bi-polar system.This monumental change in India was a statement from the Hindus to the Congress and the self-appointed intellectual elites - Hindus are a proud people , stop demeaning us. This movie wont be the first one which depicts Hindus in bad light.There have been several movies which have had such traces - the scene from slumdog being just one.Since the Malegoan blasts the government has gone all out to prove the existence of a Hindu terrorist just to offset the well proven "Islamist Terrorist".The media and the arts industry is soaked in leftist idealogy and would continue to churn out stuff which would basically condemn the Hindus giving others complete impunity for their actions.Does this bother me ?? Not really because such self serving,feel good cookies dont change ground realities as proven by the brutal "Mumbai attacks". Hindus have suffered brutally at the hands of many throughout the centuries and even today they are continuously attacked in their very own country where they have existed since the dawn of humanity.Hinduism has faced all these challenges and even after 700 yrs of brutality it is still alive and well.The accompilshment of Hindus are amazing and even today it is a force of good in the world - a force of peace,a force of Dharma and Karma -.
[11 Feb, 2009 1946hrs IST]

Ami,India,says:We all know what most of the news channels look for is publicity ....they can make any issue as a national issue as long as it brings up the TRP. I have given up watching ,most of these elite news channels. I sometimes fear that we will be caught in these discussions which do not lead to anywhere rather than focusing on basic issues (education, employments etc.) and by the time the general masses wake might be too late....
[11 Feb, 2009 1916hrs IST]

Ratnesh,Mumbai,says:The author seems to suggest that it is treachourous if a Hindu feels sorry for a govt supported/sponsored massacre of innocent Muslims or christians. Every time such a human feeling of anger and guilt arises in a Hindu, he must remember similar incidents against Hindus at other times or at other places. By doing so, feelings of revulsion and sadness that one amongst our own community is commiting such an inhuman act will subside. For better effect, such reminders to oneself should be in an Indian language, not English. This according to the author is the Hindu dharma. Fantastic!
[11 Feb, 2009 1906hrs IST]
Kislay Chandra,Bangalore,says:"Kashmiri Pandits are Brahmins.Why cry for them every time? " Wow . I like the way you think . So if a brahmin's daughter is raped and his son murdered , and he is thrown out of his own , it is no big deal , right ?
[11 Feb, 2009 1856hrs IST]

[11 Feb, 2009 1820hrs IST]

Elf,Mumbai,says:Just to note Tarun - even in the UK, a clear question on the loan agreements and instructions to a broker state that if you don't know English then you have a right to get someone to explain it to you in your language. A sign off is then required saying you have understood all the details. Nothing different from our own forms. The word vernacular is an anthropological term to describe the native language of a country. In India, we have so many languages that a native language is difficult to determine for national operations. It is us, the people (and that includes you, Tarun) who have given what 'vernacular' stands for, a diminished status. I don't see any of the people whom you associate with, sending their kids to a local language school.
[11 Feb, 2009 1806hrs IST]

Ameya Joshi,Mumbai,says:I've been waiting for a long time for you article. The media is acting as a puppet in these Secular parties hands. Good article sir.
[11 Feb, 2009 1804hrs IST]

padmesh kumar varma,India.,says:Dear Sir, It appears that Tarun vijay is back with a vengence. He starts as a critic of film 'Firaaq' and ends proselytizing his saffron thoughts denegrating his pet aversion secularism.
[11 Feb, 2009 1747hrs IST]

Sushant Pandit,Delhi,says:Those who love the finer aspects of Hinduism and take pride in the immense contribution India made in philosophy, science and arts should join this website of Dr. Shyamaprasad Mookherji
[11 Feb, 2009 1723hrs IST]

Krishnan,Chennai,says:A good article. An impression is being created in the main stream media that speaking for equal treatment of all communities is against the ethoes of secularism. A moment of anguish is a moment of anguish. It is the same for a Hindu, Muslim, Christian or a sikh. It is high time we stop branding people as secular only if they resort to "Hindu bashing"
[11 Feb, 2009 1705hrs IST]

Aravind,India,says:Quite a factual article.To be circulated all over Inidia and in all languages to get the awareness. Hope our media also take a cue from this. Probably what Mr. Pinaray Vijan, General Secretary of CPM in Kerala said is correct! There is a media syndicate operating! Mr. Vijan said this in his context! but it is true.
[11 Feb, 2009 1701hrs IST]

utsav,kolkata,says:After a series of horrible articles you produce a mastrepiece.
[11 Feb, 2009 1651hrs IST]

Indian,Indai,says:This is to Gloria Manish,Ahmedabad: What the hell do you mean by"Kashmiri Pandits are Brahmins.Why cry for them every time? " What do you mean by this nonsense .Are not Brahmins Hindus ?Is not their killing a crime .People like u are the curse to country and I bet you are a Kashmiri Muslim using Hindu name
[11 Feb, 2009 1639hrs IST]
Dev Kumar Dutta,umbai,says:What was thisGloria Manish, from Ahmedabad trying to say?
[11 Feb, 2009 1631hrs IST]

Suhas,Bengaluru,says:Where had you been Mr.Tarun? I was waiting for your article. Like always this article is an eye opener. I just don't understand why the media is so biassed. How is it that the media is dominated by the pseudo-seculars who can only see what is done against so called minorities and can't see what is done against Hindus?
[11 Feb, 2009 1631hrs IST]

rajat,india,says:Nandita das shud change her name ..shame on her...cud there be any muslim woman daring to act in a movie embarrassing her own religion...
[11 Feb, 2009 1616hrs IST]

anagha vartak,pune,says:The article is nothing but a complete truth...sampoorn satya!
[11 Feb, 2009 1612hrs IST]

Sam,Kampala,says:Today it has become fashion to insult and disgrace everything Hindu...we Hindus have been weaked in last 100 years and we have lost the courage to defend our religion...I think we will need another chankya, guru govindsingji or swami vivekanand to bring back the pride to the hindus. Our current politicians are so corrupt and power hungry that they will even not mind converting to other religion to get votes; the latest example being advani and kalyansing...thousands gave their life for Ram temple, only because they were assured by both of this so called hindu leaders of the case. Now both Kalyan and advani have denounced the ram temple movement. I feel betrayed and feel sorry for those who died on their words...The only goal was to get votes, who cares what happens to hindus or hinduism...
[11 Feb, 2009 1610hrs IST]

Rahul,Kanpur,says:Actually the intellect which has been borrowed from the west is killing the originality of the minds. And being intellectual they control most of the ways to control masses like media.
[11 Feb, 2009 1555hrs IST]

satish mayya,dubai,says:We are capable of selling our country for money and fame!! Nandita is doing same thing. good luck and god save india
[11 Feb, 2009 1535hrs IST]

meenakshi,delhi,says:Excellent article again!! Tarun and some others like him are the only columnists worth reading.they are the real patriots.
[11 Feb, 2009 1534hrs IST]

Keshav,Mumbai,says:Brilliantly written! Every word rings true. It has become a sort of rite of passage to denounce Hinduism to establish oneself as 'secular'. Selective depiction of the riots is a tool used very smartly to keep the myth alive.
[11 Feb, 2009 1502hrs IST]

Nirmala,Delhi,says:DearTarun Bhai, A big thanks for your article. I wait for your new article everyday as it truly reflects the agony of the Hindus. These Nandita Das type of people are total failures and Pub culture people who have no morals. They do networking in the parties over drinks and ridicule our country. The media prints their photographs almost every day, eventhough they are nothing to most of countrymen. They talk of morals by just degrading the Hindus who do not respond their comments strongly. The Mangalore incident is a bit high handedness, but it truly reflects the worries of majority of Hindus. I am sure that the media and these stupid seculars will tear them apart and are branding them as criminals. They branded Narender Modi like this, but he has shown to everybody what is development and keeping to our culture. Every other day a muslim cleric is responding in his eccentric way, but these Nanditas do not have guts to comment. They only make Hindus as goondas in front of the western world and they have never commented to their favour. The slumdog millionnaire will get awards but it is an insult to India. Our country has been looted by all and that is the reason we are poor today. But the treachery has been done by our own people who riducule our culture and our people. These Nanditas and Arundhatis should be totally ignored and handled with contempt
[11 Feb, 2009 1451hrs IST]
Abhijit Bhise,Pune ,says:I really waiti for Tarun every week.Why his views are not printed on TOI ,and only on website ? let every one knows his view
[11 Feb, 2009 1443hrs IST]

Yogesh Vaze,Akola,says:Are great article Tarunji! I liked the sentence... "But why I must say "yes, Valentine's Day is the biggest symbol of love, amity and happiness" and feel elated seeing obscenities on the streets to prove I am an educated modern person?" An increasing number of "Convent" educated Hindus think they are being futuristic by denouncing everything that belongs to our culture.
[11 Feb, 2009 1435hrs IST]

K.C.Kamakoty,South East Asia,says:Dear Sir A very honest and explicit article. Please continue the good work. I request you to write / discuss a bit elaborately on the pros and cons of 'Uniform Civil Code' which I think will be great harness to our national unity. Regards K.C.Kamakoty
[11 Feb, 2009 1423hrs IST]

kamathmm,bangalore,says:This aticle requires to be read by all Hindhu's. my compliment to the sri.Tarun Vijayji.let more and more article be written by Tarunji in day's to come.
[11 Feb, 2009 1358hrs IST]

xxxx,xxxx,says:Thankyou. May God bless you.
[11 Feb, 2009 1348hrs IST]

True india,India,says:"One isolated incident of the Hindu right would become a globally circulated representative of the Hindu intolerance and terrorism. None of us accepted the way Mangalore happened." "There are thousands india inside one India, it was always like that in its 5000 years old history and it always be in future no matter what you think"
[11 Feb, 2009 1331hrs IST]

Ramesh,Delhi,says:Dear Mr. Tarun, I too want to tell the world what is being done to Hindus by so called secularists. Tell me what I can do to educate and emphasise on the atrocities that are being committed against Hindus and I will.
[11 Feb, 2009 1330hrs IST]

Pankaj Prasoon,Mumbai,says:Dear Tarun, I am reading your views since the days you were with Panchjanya. I know the real motive behind this article.your pain is not about kashmiri pandits being traumatised by Islamic jehadis, But your real pain is that why media of this country comes heavily on right wing jehadis. Mangalore is just an example. Be it kandhmal or Godhra or Gujrat Aftermath. you never criticised those sick and rigid hindu minds who were behind these unfortunate incidents.
[11 Feb, 2009 1327hrs IST]

Vats,New Delhi,says:In stead of revealing their self doubt by being a cheap immitation of someone, what is it that stops our media people, such as several type self proclaimed secularists, to be just what they are. Why is this continued pressure to posture/ play to the gallery all the time. The problem with this country is that majority has no clue about how secularism should be handled in a global competition led by desert religions desperately looking for a larger share in the global religious market. Shame on anyone that remotely supports a name of Indian origin.
[11 Feb, 2009 1323hrs IST]

ajay ,delhi,says:Why do not we make movies on the partition of india wherein millions of Hindus were killed, women raped in front of their fathers and brothers, children killed in front of mothers and swung on the swords, and bodies mutilated.
[11 Feb, 2009 1244hrs IST]
P Gulzar,Hoboken USA,says:The English media and the liberal sections of our population are all as Indian as the Hindi or Marathi speaking and religiously oriented citizens whom Mr.Vijay champions. Why make such distinctions?
[11 Feb, 2009 1236hrs IST]

Gloria Manish,Ahmedabad,says:My dear Tarun, It is irony that you have to convey your message in Engilish. you said why not debate Hindus slaughters in post Godhra riots.Those were majority Dalit pitted against poor Muslims by RSS.Kashmiri Pandits are Brahmins.Why cry for them every time?
[11 Feb, 2009 1229hrs IST]

kalyan,Hyderabad,says:Dear Sir, My salutations to you for brining in the "True colors" of the so called media & Secularists.
[11 Feb, 2009 1145hrs IST]

Anand,Gurgaon,says:Dear Tarun ... this country is becoming extremely intolerant towards national culture, civilisation and values. Hindus are being depicted as atavistic, lacking in sophistry and bigoted religionists. You are right, where is a film about Godhra or Ghaznavid raids on numerous Hindu temples? Why are we silent about killings en route Amarnath yatra for a number of years since insurgency begain in Kashmir? We are pushing ourselves to become second rate citizens in our own homeland. Hell with "half intellectuals" ... who can only see half-truths. God save India and Hindu civilisation !!!
[11 Feb, 2009 1134hrs IST]

Seema,Delhi,says:Amazing article Mr. Vijay. Thank you for writing the truth.
[11 Feb, 2009 1122hrs IST]

Thanks You!,USA,says:A true reward for our patience to wait for another article from Tarunji. Its nice to see lone reasonable voice speaking to/for normal decent HIndus.
[11 Feb, 2009 1115hrs IST]

Bobbyfaith,Pune,says:You are just awesome, i have said this before as well. I hate post Godhra riots and all, but your articles are such an eye opener that we being Hindu we start detesting ourselves just when someone blame us, but when it happens to us no one notices. The incidences that you mention I havent even heard of them, such is our media. But all the retaliation done by Hindus I have heard because it is covered by media well. What an irony.
[11 Feb, 2009 1114hrs IST]

Hans,Muscat,says:I generally disagree with Tarun Vijay's views and that too quite vociferously. However, this time I believe he has made a very good point especially on the English media. I too am one of those who only follows what the English media says but of late disagree with their stand on various issues.
[11 Feb, 2009 1053hrs IST]

Abhimanyu,Delhi,says:Communism stands for revolution. Nevertheless, due to over zealous belief of Indians in miracles and religion, revolution is not possible in India. Communists know this very well that is why they are attacking Hindu religion, culture and history. Nandita Das is fine example of this thinking.
[11 Feb, 2009 1053hrs IST]

arnabh,mumbai,says:Excellent article Mr. Vijay
[11 Feb, 2009 1051hrs IST]
Aruti ,Gujrat ,says:Both Indian prints and electronics media are controlled by the Secular Nazis, Their main objective is to destroy the nationalist Hindu forces of this country. It is high time that Hindu nationalist force should lunch their own TV channel and newspaper like USA republican party has their own news channel FOX NEWS also intrernet can be a handy tool to reach the mass people. I request Tarunji to lunch a website of Dr Syamaprasad Mookerjee Research Foundation where nationalist people can get nationalist perspectives of the current affairs
[11 Feb, 2009 1047hrs IST]

Pawan,Mumbai,says:Dear Trun ji you have written the article after long break once again a great article God Bless You Sir
[11 Feb, 2009 1045hrs IST]

Abhinav Saxena,Singapore,says:As always, well said. There is a strong support for you Tarun among the NRIs and I think you know the reason why...NRIs know the reality of the west and live under no delusions like most of the self proclaimed secular Indians are...ignoramus underdogs.
[11 Feb, 2009 1038hrs IST]

Shankar,Delhi,says:It is again an excellent article from Sh Tarun Vijay. It is also nice that this majority view is at least made available by this secular media. These so called elite, media projected people have no morals in their personal life and they get projected just because the media gives them importance. No Indian is happy with these people as we want our sacred culture to be protected and majority in us believe that Pub culture whether boys or girls is totally harmful to us. One of the minister even calls for Pub Baro which is against our feelings. It is time that people like Nandita Das, Nafisa Ali, Arundhati Roy and other westernised and so called modern secular elite should be totally rejected by Hindus. They work against our basic structure and idealogy. It is a well planned action to demoralise the Hindus. For us we want to live together whether it is Muslims, Christians or any other religion. We have no hatred. But we need to protect our culture and traditions which are the basic strength of our country. Let us reject these....
[11 Feb, 2009 0907hrs IST]

Mandar C. Kulkarni,College Station, Texas,says:I eagerly wait for this column every week. Some of the comments really touch the hearts of the readers. Again in this column the writer has continued his good work. The true face of Hinduism needs to be brought out in today's world which is filled with a shrill cacophony of secularism. If we even follow 10% of what is mentioned in our scriptures, that would be true secularism. For inspiration we don't need to look beyond our own borders. Hats off to the writer and his organization the RSS, I hope they continue to grow strongly in the future.
[11 Feb, 2009 0855hrs IST]

Kamalesh Sharda,Toronto, Canada,says:A voice of balance in a tilted view of real India. Indian Democracy does not represent the majority but the few powerful who look at India with Western glasses. Well done Tarunji.Let us hear more about the real people of India.
[11 Feb, 2009 0852hrs IST]

Vimal,On, Canada.,says:Kudos !! I wish it awakens our countrymen and brings transparency in the prism of our so-called elite society to foresee the realities.
[11 Feb, 2009 0720hrs IST]

Vinoy,Jharkhand,says:Yes, for the Hindu Namdhari seculars,the first condition of secularism is anti-Hinduism.The second being minority pampering.The minority life is thousand times more precious than that of a Hindu.Look at those TV programmes. relishing condemnation of what they call Hindu Goondaism, and eulogising Muslim'secularism' every week.This can happen only in India.
[11 Feb, 2009 0701hrs IST]

Mahidhar M. Katti,Hubli,says:Shri Tarun Vijay, my compliments on yet another eye-opening and realistic article. This time I see that your viewpoint follows on being actually progressive. However, all said and done, what would you expect a common man to do about it? Other than waiting for his much-lauded chance of exercising the franchise every five years, there is little he can do about the entire smeary business. Yes, he could perhaps speak his mother tongue and express and dream in the same language, follow traditions and pass on the same to younger generations, take a progressive stance by opting newer resources yet respecting what has really made him; this is, my good man, very little in countering the smeary campaign run by self-proclaimed secularist maniacs. What do you suggest a common man should do in strengthening the roots that have erected this vast nation? I hope to read more on those lines than learn more of those discriminatory and discouraging actions by politicised minds.
[11 Feb, 2009 0628hrs IST]

[11 Feb, 2009 0552hrs IST]
[11 Feb, 2009 0550hrs IST]

Vijay,Canada,says:Once again an excellent article - very thought provoking! This day and age, it seems saying inshallah or thank god is acceptable, but invoking Ram or Krishna is frowned upon - now I know why.
[11 Feb, 2009 0547hrs IST]

Shiva,Australia,says:All these people sell the very souls of their country, their mother-tongue and their own Hindu ethos to get awards and other trinkets that makes them seem great in the eyes of the world..They may seem great for now but TRUTH ALWAYS WINS IN THE END!! I'm wondering whether the likes of Das and others would ever make a movie, by basing themselves in the tribal belts of Pakistan over the atrocities perpetrated by the Taliban on women... NO NEVER!! That would only win them fatwas and death awards..
[11 Feb, 2009 0407hrs IST]

TL Singh,New Delhi,says:Mr. Vijay, Another good write-up, as always. The ability of these expansionist religions to enter India and bring Indians into their fold has been a big deal. They were able to do so, due to the vulnerability of the that-day Hindus. Such hard-to-understand, ill-defined vulnerability still exists in the Hindu psyche. As long as that is not figured out, you will have to continue your job of writing such eye-openers as you have always been doing. Thanks,
[11 Feb, 2009 0320hrs IST]

Remo,pune,says:Very objective and focussed article. It raises right questions.I have feeling that English media has shown double standards on such issues. We saw Media overplay Manglore incidence. Argument that goes in favour of condemning and criticising incidence was that how one group can decide what one should do or not do, especially when that activity does not harm anybody . True and fair but why the same media raised voice against ban on smokinga at pubic place. How health minister Romdoss can decide whether should I smoke or not. We have seen media applauding Romdoss's move.
[11 Feb, 2009 0259hrs IST]

siddharth,usa,says:i agree..
[11 Feb, 2009 0229hrs IST]

Prashant,Delhi,says:Why dont you make such movie.. If Nandita can do that.. Why cant you...
[11 Feb, 2009 0220hrs IST]

R N Rao,U S A,says:'Slum Dog Millionaire'- they purposely amplified somthing and shrewdly eliminated other things. Certainly, it is not a regular movie. There seems to be an ulterior motive behind - more than simple political.
[11 Feb, 2009 0037hrs IST]

saurabh,Minneapolis,says:Tarun You are a genius. -Saurabh
[11 Feb, 2009 0008hrs IST]

Kapil,India,says:I was waiting for Tarun Vijay's article for few weeks. There was a feeling, that it may taken it off to prove the paper's pseudo-secular credentials. Again its the soul stiring thoughts beautifully carved into words that are the hallkmark of this genius. I think its time to NAME some NAMES. My anslysis suggests that people like Nadita Das, Arundhati Roy, and scores of pseudo-secular fundamentalists who dominate the national discourse as if they represent the entire nation are products of a diseased mindset who do not see any enemy unless its Hindu-right. They all can be traced back either to J.N.U, AMU, or some other communist-infested universities in India where a particular ideologoy hateful to Hindus is taught and inculcated. They are in effect NAXAL SYMPATHISERS for whom the only enemy to be targetted is Hinduism, so they conveniently ignore all Islamic and Naxal violence. Thats the reason why there are no discissions on Naxal brutality and violence on TV channels.
[10 Feb, 2009 2359hrs IST]
ms ,Germany,says:so very true !the writer successfully and brilliantly touches the heart and mind The article so very much identifies with whats happening in the real world today I can simply say that its a treat to our eyes reading every article penned down by Mr Vijay brilliant to say so
[10 Feb, 2009 2353hrs IST]

ahmed,india,says:Truth shown in films firaaq and slumdog is very bitter for u to swallow eh Mr.Tarun?
[10 Feb, 2009 2313hrs IST]

Devendra,USA,says:Amazing article Tarun Ji, its a tight slap on the face of "English and so called Secular Media" Very well written. Thanks for this. I am pretty sure every true Bharatiya will applaude and agree with your thoughts.
[10 Feb, 2009 2251hrs IST]

Raj,India,says:Sir ,a very apt article.It has become a fashion for our so called "intellectuals",who are de-Indianised to the fullest,to put a negative image of the country to rest of the world.Needless to say, such efforts automatically qualify for grand "awards" by their shrewd patrons.India might be on Moon with phenomenal achievements like of Chandrayaan,but for these "intellectuals", the pride is in sellling India's problems/inequalities to an audience outside -who would like to see this country as a symbol of sorrow,zero-intellect and begging for pity.Would this happen, as author rightly questions,in case of UK,US or even our other neighbour-namely China?NO.In this particular context I would like to quote examples of 4 recent hollywood movies as an example 1)KungFu Panda 2)The Mongol 3)The Mummy 4)Love guru. In the first a Chinese-technique Trianed Panda,in the second a Chinese warrior and in the third a Chinese emperor are shown in an entertaining yet a positive manner reflecting implicit respect to Chinese civilization.Contrast these in the 4th one ,namely "Love Guru",an Indian spritual guru,marked as physically challenged , is shown in a distasteful way as the Guru is shown doing all kinds of disgusting things.Clearly India and Indians like to be intellectually thrashed and laughed at and hence gets the appropriate treatment. Bottomline is -unless you respect your own culture and country no one else would.
[10 Feb, 2009 2225hrs IST]

raj,hyd,says:That is exactly what I was wondering! ... Why isnt there any good movie about the torture and pain of Kashmiri pandits ??
[10 Feb, 2009 2133hrs IST]

vijay,bangalore,says:Thank you Mr Tarun vijay for writing this article. We need more clear thinking writers like you who dare to face the truth.
[10 Feb, 2009 2126hrs IST]

Anonymous said...

Have You read "Three mistakes of my life" by Chetan Bhagat? Please do that. You would be delighted!

Shankar said...

Opposing Marxism is same as supporting capitalism?

Can Hindus trust us if we run away from real issues?

RSS BHU said...

thank you i read your view and also agry with you .

Soumitra Kandpal said...

Nandita Das And Mahesh Bahtt have won an award at Kara Film Festival in Pakistan for this film. Both of them should be sent to Pak permanently. The Govt in Pak wants such people to carry out their Anti India Campaign. They will pay these two handsomely for this service. Firstly they should not have made such a film. If they made the film because the constitution of India gives them freedom of speech and expression they should not have entered it in a Pakistani film festival. Lastly they should not have gone their and accepted the award.
Both Nandita Das and Mahesh Bhatt are traitors. They should be kicked out of India. IF they are so concerned about plight of the downtrodden I challenge them to make a film about Kashmiri Pandits and the victims of the numerous terrorist attacks like Mumbai. Then they should go to the Kara Film Festival and compete for the best film award.
People who are saying about the jury award citation should know that even pakis are not so foolish to directly say that we gave the award to humiliate India

Sharmila Gharpure said...

Their are not many writers who stand firmly to protect Hindus and expose the secular brigade's hidden agenda.

I want to ask you, till when we will only write and read and be happy about it? When can we become visible and vocal about this double standard outside the virtual world?

Why don't you start some movement against the news channels and newspapers who are constantly maligning Hindus? Why can't we slap criminal charges on them like the Mayor of Mangalore has done against Renuka Chowdhari for her "Talibanisation" remark? Please now it is time for action, enough has been said. I can imagin 5 more years of UPA rule.

Ashu said...

Hi Tarunji, I must say that you are truly a "Hindu". My name is Ashutosh and I am from Maharashtra. I have seen people of other faiths preaching their religion, and trying to convert people into that. I am impressed by the work they do and wish to do the same for Hinduism as I believe that if there is someone who communicates nicely, he can convince the world that Hinduism is the best religion and can make this world a better place to live. I do not necessarily hate any other religion however I have seen that other faiths have problem accepting Hinduism and that creates lot of friction, especially the Muslims (they have problem with every religion though). I am not able to say much here now as I reached this blog accidentally. However I would want you to contact me incase I can be of any assistance to you.. My mail id is

vaneet kundra said...

Though i am putting my comments out of topic, but needs immediate attention. I have already written many articles in my blog about " Indian money in swiss banks ". Now i have created a group on Facebook called " Get Indian money back from swiss banks " with all the details. I am sorry to say that on Facebook, we talk only on food, fashion and topics which have no national value but when i requested many prevalent groups to support this national cause, being a national property, nobody even replied. This shows how self-centred we all have become. We only think of ourselves, nothing beyond. Where is our nation heading to ? a self-centred nation, selfish people ? If this is the state of affairs, we are heading for a doom. Even a group called " I condemn Mumbai terror attack " in Facebook got 35,000 members. Are we only left to condemn and light candles ? I am ashamed of my countrymen who are full of fear and are so scared. They can only condemn and light candles. They cant ACT. What boneless people we are! I agree with terrorists. If 10 terrorists could lay seige on Mumbai for 60 hours, a few thousand would create havoc in India, Hamid Gul, Ex-ISI Chief said.We are country of impotents, who can do nothing but only talk. Sorry state of affairs.