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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gmail - Fwd: Fwd: M F Hussain's Hypocrisy....Judge for Yourself]

Gmail - Fwd: Fwd: M F Hussain's Hypocrisy....Judge for Yourself]


Gaurav Kumar Ambasta said...


Your article in Times of India are very inspiring.

M F Hussain should be asked to give the same treatment to religious symbols of all religions as this is a secular country. Then there won't be any need to punish him through courts.


Jitendra Dave said...

Nice Article. keep it up

Kaushal said...

How do we change this situation ?
How about justice in Gujarat, Mumbai, Kashmir, Hyderabad, Malegaon, Nandigram and all the other places ? Justice for all religions comes first. Second is respect for Hinduism by Hindus, followed by respect for hinduism by non-hindus. Zakir Hussain and other screwed up brains cannot humiliate any hindu or hindu beliefs because he doesnt mean much to hindus from a spiritual perspective anyway. Its Sanatan Dharma after all !

Anonymous said...

This shows the sick mentality of muslims towards Hindu culture. Every person who feels truely indian from heart should raise the voice against this OLD-Sick man who is showing no respect to our rich indian culture and relegion. Tarun I really appreciate your efforts to bring such horrible facts infront of the readers, but it will be more meaningful if some actions taken against this painter.


sanjay said...

Your write up in TOI about MF Hussain(?) is well written.
Even responsible people are abusing our symbols of reverence without hesitation. Once the very Times of India (perhaps on this 15 Aug) published a headline "SEXY AT SIXTY' about our BHARAT MATA.

= Dr. Sanjay Satyarthi

Manik Agarwal said...

Dear Tarunji, you always write on similar themes. Can we expect you to write the areas of improvement for our hindu society? For example, how to bring more spirituality, conscience, reason and purity in celebrating Deepavali, Holi, Vijaydashmi. Would it work wonders if we only glorify the external symbols and the past of hinduism? Is the criticism of Sangh, VHP and Bajrang Dal always ingenuine? Was it the best way to stop Delhi's traffic for the cause of Ram Sethu? That VHP procession had people dressed up as Raam, Sita and Laksman and Hanuman (even mimicking..). How much understanding of Bhagvadgita does the cadres of VHP, Bajrang dal and RSS have? In Gujrat, VHP purposely misinterpreted 'Dharmo rakshati rakshitah' in its Trishul-deeksha programme. How do 'YOU' interpret it?

finding thyself said...

We are living in testing times. If we raise our voice in self-defense we are branded as facists and threat to the peace and harmony!!!!

I guess this too will pass as mentioned in sanathana dharma.

Zahra Akbar said...

‘This shows the sick mentality of muslims towards Hindu culture’
do all muslims paint like this? Do all muslims dishonour hindus?
M F Husain is not representative of a true muslim, I hadn’t even heard of him till today.
Islam means peace in Arabic. Peace is the very foundation of our religion.
M F Husain dishonours muslims more than he dishonours hindus.
Some of his pictures show the faces of our prophets family, that in itself is not considered respectful
He is not a true follower of our religion, do no make the mistake o blaming an entire society for the mistakes of one man. We wouldn’t blame all Germans for starting WW2. We wouldn’t blame all Americans for the credit crunch.
If you want to see what the true essence of Islam is then you should study our prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his family and their ideologies, and people still blessed to be alive today, our ayatullahs marajas and any preachers will depict Islam as it truly is.

Peace be upon you dear brothers and sisters.