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Thursday, August 9, 2007

The pyramid and the ants

8 Aug 2007, 1056 hrs IST ,

Tarun Vijay

Ms Priya Dutt is a Member of Parliament representing more than one voter of her constituency. As a lawmaker she has a responsibility to speak for the nation on national issues. Having considered her present turmoil borne out of brotherly affection, one has full sympathies with her. But her constituents have a right to ask whether she had ever raised the voice of terror victims or 'innocent' convicts who are not film actors? How many Congressmen or the self-proclaimed 'down-to-earth champions of the proletariat', the Communists, have ever visited the families of those slain barbarically by the jihadis ? The day the Mumbai judgement came; a blast in a tourist bus in Srinagar killed two women and injured many. They were Indians and Muslims, and had gone to enjoy the Valley's beauty. There was hardly a reflection of their sorrow in the papers or a condemnation for the killers. What we see is an anger against the brave and considerate Judge P D Kode who delivered a balanced yet forthright judgement which otherwise is a delayed one –thirteen years after the bloody incident which left 250 dead and 700 injured. Who spoke for the families of the dead and injured? Priyaranjan or Kapil Sibal or Munnabhai media? The parents of the security personnel martyred defending Indian Parliament returned their bravery medals to the government for its lackadaisical attitude over Afzal's hanging. Who spoke for the anguish and frustration of the patriotic parents who gave their best for the nation? Priya or net surfers campaigning for a convict who had links with the anti-national mafia? So is it a new unwritten law that to be saved from the punishment you need to be on the right side of secularism, political affiliation and popularity? Who thinks for the family of the men in uniform who get killed in Kashmir or Chhattisgarh fighting against Islamists and Maoists? An average Army personnel earns very modestly, yet risks his life so that Members of Parliament can perform their duties and industrialists and filmmakers earn a lot of money and squander on buying a fleet of seventeen, seventy or more cars. The politician, the ugly money-maker machine, protects every Ashok Malhotra and Telgi but smarter part is that he is seldom caught. The more the exposures of his corruption, the greater are his chances of elevation in the party or in the Cabinet. When temples were razed in Kashmir and Hindu women raped and their bodies dismembered, neither the fashionable women rights lobby spoke which otherwise goes gaga over heavily-covered Islamists women campaigners for 'freedom', nor the filmy brotherhood of Sibals and Priyas. It’s noteworthy that none of the accused in the Mumbai blasts or later terror acts has expressed remorse or regrets on the killings of hundreds of innocents. Who speaks for those Indians who were killed while shopping for Diwali or playing Holi or offering prayers inside the temple? When Hindus are converted through dubious means and a head of the Christian sect, the Pope, issues religious dictates' to 'harvest' Hindus in their own Hindustan, do those sitting at the top of the power pyramid declare that the Pope has violated the sanctity of his host's hospitality? The freedom of expression wallahs and the peace candle variety have kept a well-studied silence over every single atrocity against Hindus. Why?
How do they gauge the appropriateness of their status at the top where access is restricted and the sky looks closer? I think they just don't care to realise the 'appropriateness' factor at all, because the biggest fear to them is from their own misdeeds that they know and hence hesitate to reflect .More than a hundred thousand cast their vote to provide a Membership of Parliament to a candidate. Much fewer numbers vote for a corporator or an MLA. It's like a pyramid. More people at the base support a candidate to reach at the top and it's incumbent upon the top position holder never to miss this fact. The winner is not there just because of his great brilliance exercised in isolation, but because he could convince the millions constituting the base and the upper layers that his elevation could bring good to the entire structure. It happens in everybody's life. A student receives a degree with the support of thousands of contributors, from a carpenter to a teacher, gardener, policeman, printer, publisher, driver and postman. Does he ever think to repay the social debt in return of his status gained? What's the social responsibility factor in a public man's life? Or in the industrial, corporate world? Hardly anyone gives a damn to the social responsibility element. The stinking rich want to get richer and crave for more cars, bigger apartments. More luxury keeps on growing in a Bharat where wheels to our economy – farmers, labourers, teachers, security personnel, landless workers commit suicide or live in sub-human conditions described as bare survival. Go and see after nine lives in and around old Delhi's station, JJ Colonies and the footpaths of Malabar Hill. Those who are killed by drunken careless sons of politicians and actors and industrialists driving their Pajeros and Land Cruisers and BMWs while going to discotheques post-nine, can't even murmur 'justice' and the witnesses are turned hostile and judgement always delayed crossing extreme unfair time limits. Who speaks for them in the pyramid of power? Look at any IIFA or similar awards, they may have various categories of fun-filled decorations, but have you ever heard an award for social awakening or the patriotism category? They will laugh if anyone suggests the idea, because the love for the personal gains has not been allowed to incorporate love for the nation too by the Left-secular hypocrisy of progressivism. Entertainment means Bipasha's bidi jalailo and Amit ji's dances and patriotism remains in isolation in the courtyards of a Manoj Kumar or Sunny Deol. If the pyramid philosophy of respecting the basic constituents by the top-position holder ants is not followed, anarchy and rebellion won't be far off. Small things matter most. Although a thin line demarcates national boundaries, the resultant difference is far greater in its impact, triggering sometimes wars that kill millions on both sides. Violating a thin line, tearing a simple piece of cloth recognised as a national flag, a single weird comment on any person's modesty can make a difference of life and death.
But those who reach at the top of a pyramid in their region- whether it's a company, filmdom, politics or academics, seldom realise that they owe a lot to those who provided their shoulders and moral approval to climb up and stay put. Like a thin line boundary, there may be a little difference in overall qualities of a Lakshmi Mittal and his juniormost supervisors. What makes Mittal reach at the top is his ability of leadership that comes with how much he cares for the last man at the bottom of the pyramid he is donning. Priyas, Sibals and Dasmunshis don't understand or appreciate the overriding burden that comes along with the position they enjoy at the top of their respective pyramids. They play with it, abuse it, and mould it as if the top end is hanging in the air, not needing any foundational support once they are up there. They are like ants, small in fact but having reached at the top thinking they have become elephants. They fall soon. First in the eyes and esteem of people, who form the base that facilitates the emergence of a top cone-end followed, of course, by a decisive fall in position and fame. Such people are more interested to talk to terrorists, engage them in dinner diplomacy and ignore the victims as they are neither a violent threat nor organised. Thousands of billionaires were born here and died. How many of those remain in the collective national memory? People remember one modestly rich man Bhama Shah who dedicated all his wealth to Rana Pratap when critical times befell on his motherland. In Rajasthan it's considered better to be a Rana Pratap and die heroically battling in the rough ravines of Haldighati, than to be a Raja Mansingh and live a spineless life full of compromises for the sake of enjoying extreme luxuries of forts and palaces and immense wealth. That's the Indian spirit of valour and meaningful living. Gandhi, in spite of many of his failed experiments, lived a perfect life of a Hindu Vaishnavite and fulfilled the requirements of being at the top of a socio-political pyramid of people’s power. He cared for the last soul at the bottom of his pyramid, merging himself with the identity of the smallest and the weakest and rose to the dizzy heights this mankind has seen so rarely becoming an immortal symbol of patience and leadership. Today the arrogant ants in politics and media violating this code of 'being at the top of your pyramid', are becoming more and more irrelevant for the masses and country's future. There is hardly an exciting innovation, an out of the box presentation of a grand vision or a path breaking initiative I any such field Whatever good is happening is in the fields where there is minimal touch of governance or the state power and politics. On the other hand, companies and organisations following the pyramid rules provide all the necessary space for the welfare of their last constituent the bottom layer. The gyms, yoga rooms, dance floors, subsidised canteens, video games parlours –all these are parts of a new futuristic endeavour in California or Gurgaon, just for the sake of enhancing quality and the number of productive hours. But those who defy this, become special invitees to the kingdom of self-destruction. The only way out is to strive for a proactive positive self. The change should begin with our own heart and then the required strength to change others would emerge naturally.
Readers Opinion
The pyramid and the ants
Ajey , Mumbai , says:

Thanks to TOI for publishing this article. Mr. Tarun, seems to be really courageous to write such an article. The Nation's secular-left people should explain, why are they overlooking (or glorifying) acts of terrorism. Terrorist should be punished, as great the Maratha King Shivaji punished Afzal Khan. We know what Ghouri did to Prithviraj Chouhan, even through the great Prithviraj pardoned him several times.There is a greater need for secular-left and fashionable humanist to act responsibly, if they want their names not to be counted in the list traitors of the Nation.9 Aug, 2007 1615hrs IST

Kalpana , Rajkot , says:

Great. A very good article.9 Aug, 2007 1155hrs IST

Sheetal , Pune , says:

Hi, It was really a good article. I agree with each and every word. Simply superb. 9 Aug, 2007 1125hrs IST

shailesh iyer , us , says:

Awesome article.9 Aug, 2007 0422hrs IST

Ktej , USA , says:

A very thought provoking and sincere column. 9 Aug, 2007 0252hrs IST

Siddiqui , Jeddah , says:

An excellent title, unlike the makers of the pyramid the writer gets lost in an unnecessarily complicated issue which defies logic ,to point out one of the many illogical bits,....."winner is not there just because of his great brilliance exercised in isolation, but because he could convince the millions constituting the base and the upper layers that his elevation could bring good to the entire structure." C'mon from present going ons if u r trying to mean the winner as a Sonia or Atalji one may agree, but the vast majority with shady backgrounds, criminal records may spend their lifetimes in convincing millions to elect them seems fanciful. Clearly other factors are at play.9 Aug, 2007 0216hrs IST

Rohit , Mumbai , says:

An excellent article that exposes the shallowness & hypocrisy of our politicians. But the situation is so because of us - the people. We have for too long had the 'chalta hai' and 'politics is for scoundrels' attitude which is why most of us do nothing beyond visiting the election booth every 5 years and then lament the state of affairs our elected representatives bring upon us. We, the ordinary people need to break this 'politics is for scoundrels' attitude and jump into the political process. Only then will things improve. Otherwise who else but the scoundrels are left to work for the country's politics - and they seem to be enjoying their job.8 Aug, 2007 1609hrs IST

david , Auckland , says:

Bravo, well said.8 Aug, 2007 1455hrs IST

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